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  1. Lol. Tj Dillashaw tested positive and hes 61kg... you really think ngannou is natty? Bet you think Usain Bolt was natty in his prime too?
  2. This guy started as very slim and I quote from his transformation video that "his parent's friends asked them if he was a cancer survivor". He went from a "cancer survivor" physique to 16.5 stone, cover model lean. And you think that's natty. And you're not impressed. So he had over 2 and a half stone natty muscle than you did. Cmon man, you can't be that delirious.
  3. I was only curious as I'm the same height with very similar bone structure minus 20kgs lol. I'm about 2% bodyfat higher at 82kgs. Been training a long time and havn't touched gear so wanted to know how many cycles and what compounds needed to get the additional muscle. I wouldn't have chose a physique thats not similar in terms of height, bone structure etc.
  4. you forgot the rice.
  5. I know right. He claims lifetime natty too.
  6. @gymaddict1986 @todai I reckon he's cycled in the past and is on a low dose now. I mean, nothing spectacular or nothing amazing compared to who? Ronnie coleman? Check the OP. He was 6'2 105kg there. That's a damn impressive physique imo. He's 38 now so probably ain't blasting.
  7. This should have gone in the steroid section, I apologise, how do I move it?
  8. The guy is called Brandon White, from the "Buff Dudes" youtube channel. What gear use is needed to achieve this look. Deffo not natty in my opinion.
  9. Hello all, Just curious as to what everyone's first cycle was like! 1) How old you were, 2) What you took, 3) How much you took, 4) How you felt before, during and after, 5) Reason for starting.
  10. HCG help

    thanks turbo mate
  11. HCG help

    "few days cross over from pct hcg to nolva then just carried on with the nolva for duration." can you explain?
  12. HCG help

    yeah i'm gonna do the same I reckon. HCG 1000iu mon/thurs for 12 weeks, pin it mon/thurs along with the test. come off everything for 21 days. then start clomid and nolva. thanks mate
  13. HCG help

    okay so you stopped running hcg during the pct with nolva? is hcg crucial then in maintaining what you built up over cycle? I don't wanna deflate lol
  14. HCG help

    What's good guys, I'm doing test e 500mg 12 weeks. (250mg mon/thurs) I want to run HCG to help keep the muscle gains as well as running my PCT of nolva and clomid. How should I run HCG? 500iu Mon and Thursday after my 250mg test pin? so 1000iu a week for 12 weeks? Do I have to still run it during the 21 days after last pin and then keep running it during 4 weeks of PCT? please help, cheers!
  15. Any point?

    What cycle have you done?