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    ZBar got a reaction from Blanka in These taxi drivers are taking the p*ss   
    No need to be racist matey!
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    ZBar got a reaction from Pauljohnston in Hormone headache   
    Split the AI dose to 0.5 a week and drink 3ltrs of water per day.
    Check you’re BP though!
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    ZBar got a reaction from ChemicalBurn in Test-E : Preferred injection frequency?   
    E5D for me.
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    ZBar got a reaction from hmgs in Just checked out the 'Gallery'. Christ I cant unsee that   
    Got any photos?
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    ZBar got a reaction from Kill Kcal in These taxi drivers are taking the p*ss   
    Yeah to right me to!!
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    ZBar got a reaction from Aquahan in Second cycle advice   
    So yeah injecting 500mg should put him close to 300mg once you take into account the Ester weight.
    Winstrol would be a great addition once he hits 10% bf he’d look shredded as long as he cuts correctly and has enough muscle.
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    ZBar got a reaction from shredcity in Bloodwork feedback - do I need an AI?   
    If I was you I’d keep everything as is mate no need for an AI as above steady state cardio will do nicely.
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    ZBar got a reaction from Aquahan in Second cycle advice   
    If you do throw Winstrol into the mix I’ve found splitting the dose into 3 worked really well when cutting and gaining strength!
    For example if you train at 6pm,
    Take one dose at 7am, 2pm and 9pm at say 25mg/dose as they usually come in 50mg.
    Water based injectable Winstrol is great to drink but you’ll struggle with measuring it out on the go besides it has a higher bioavailability orally than the injectable version
    (C17a alkylated) Means it isn’t broken down in the liver in layman’s terms but is mildly liver toxic so 6-8 weeks would be fine.
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    ZBar got a reaction from Bensif in Winstrol injections   
    There’s no need to inject something that has a higher bioavailability taken orally than the injected form.
    Just because you inject something doesn’t give it a higher bioavailability it’s dependent on what you inject or ingest an example would be B12 It was proven patients absorbed more in an orally administered dose.
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    ZBar got a reaction from Aquahan in Second cycle advice   
    Winstrol is great to stack with Test it will free up more testosterone in the blood stream due to the way it’s processed in the liver but when you say 500mg is that the total injected? If so then depending on the frequency of injections you’ll more than likely be around the 240mg mark.
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    ZBar got a reaction from Bensif in Second cycle advice   
    SHBG....Because of how it’s processed in the liver.
    You do not absorb all of what you inject it’s dependent on different Ester weight or no Ester at all.
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    ZBar reacted to Bensif in Bloodwork feedback - do I need an AI?   
    What’s your body fat?
    I don’t personally see any issue with your BP.
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    ZBar reacted to AnimalLifter in Dont eat Off-Food for Gainz   
    Good watch ... im not eating oats hahaha
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    ZBar reacted to shredcity in Bloodwork feedback - do I need an AI?   
    Currently running 150mg test cyp /week and 40mg anavar a day. No AI. No hCG. 

    Everything was pretty much in range except my free test was high and estradiol just out of range. Also have had slightly elevated systolic blood pressure (averaging around 125-30/70ish). 
    Would lowering the estradiol bring the BP down?

    I haven't had any typical high E sides besides a little bit of shoulder acne. Libido,etc is great. 
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    ZBar reacted to Sasnak in No pct   
    Why do you keep asking the same question and expect a different answer?
    I’ll repeat myself in case you didn’t understand.
    Just ONE steroid cycle can cause permanent damage to your hpta system. Chances of this happening are low and most fully recover in a couple of months or so.
    What you should have done is pre cycle bloods to determine what your natural levels are. That way you can do post cycle bloods to see if levels have returned to normal.
    As you didn’t you’ll never know.
    If you do bloods now and your total test is say 12nmol you’ll have a massive crisis and sulk until old age even though your natural levels might have been 12nmol before you touched steroids.
    There’s f**k all you can do now. The ship has sailed.

    I dread to think how you’d be if you got diagnosed with a real illness. 
    Move on ffs
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    ZBar reacted to PSevens2017 in Bayer test e   
    Didn’t bother to heat as mixed with a thinner oil mate. That was good enough. Maybe 40/60 - Bayer/TM
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    ZBar got a reaction from Harry Axe Wound in No pct   
    You talk in riddles? You want to know if you have recovered but you don’t want to find out if you have recovered? OoooooooooK!!
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    ZBar reacted to mervinjean in hey guys, what's up?   
    Good to be on the forum
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    ZBar reacted to OptimumPT in Stickers on disabled people so they can shop (video)   
    Got to laugh when he says that if she sent it to his home he might get Corona Virus if she touched it, who put it on the shelves? They bent over backwards to help him. When he says Nazi Germany, Totalitarian, you tend to get what he’s about.
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    ZBar reacted to jimmydeen in Hi   
    Just seen it's been published now, cheers!
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    ZBar reacted to jimmydeen in Starting self medicated TRT, any advice?   
    Hello Gents,
    Just committed to doing self prescribed TRT as going the private clinic route is too expensive for me at the moment.
    I'm 23 and have been feeling the low t symptoms for quite a while so I got my testosterone checked and it came back at 13.6nmol/l (390ng/dl).
    I had a consultation with the doctor when I called up and he said he'd put me on 125mg Sustanon every 5 days which would put me at 35nmol/l (1000ng/dl). 
    I've decided to do this myself and have found a source. I shall start Monday. I'm not looking to do a cycle at least 6 months-1 year down the line when I get my bloods done and see if my testosterone has increased to this desired level. I just want to be at the top of the natural range and feel like a 23 year old should.
    Any advice for me please?
    Thanks guys!
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