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  1. No need to be racist matey!
  2. So how much are we talking here big boy!
  3. Vaccine & Human Rights

    They already have built that data base and will be sharing it.
  4. hey guys, what's up?

  5. I want to roll you up in a ball, push you inside my bum hole, keep you there all snuggly and warm forever and ever!
  6. Sorry mate you’re right...70mg free test/100mg so yeah 350mg/500mg injected.
  7. Thought that was prop?
  8. I'm now gold.

    It means you can now hang some fluffy dice of the rear view mirror! I’m dumbfounded at this staggering achievement! Well done mate you’re my hero!!
  9. Yeah!! Teaing is great I love PG Tips.
  10. Show us your Kebab!!
  11. No pct

    I’d be more inclined to go with Enclomifine and Raloxifine.