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  1. So first cycle was 250mg 2x per week of Sustanon & second cycle was 300mg 2x per week of test? If it was, I’d say next cycle keep test at 500mg and add an oral?
  2. You won £10 Million. What would you do?

    Stop ruining my make believe gym
  3. Sounds like Callum the muscle mentor?
  4. 400mg per 1ml? so 800mg a week? If it’s your first cycle then I’d say yes.
  5. Food sources?

    You prefer brown rice and whole meal pasta over white rice and regular pasta?
  6. You won £10 Million. What would you do?

    Haha. The gym would be my own personal playground that I allow others to pay a membership to join in. The gym wouldn’t be created to then be my main source of income. Buying flats/houses, doing them up and then letting out would be the majority of passive income.
  7. You won £10 Million. What would you do?

    I care about money in the sense that it allows for financial freedom and that alone. £10 million in 2021 would allow for this whilst also living a very very comfortable life.
  8. You won £10 Million. What would you do?

    Anyone sniffing can get f**ked!
  9. As the title says. I'd open up a gym.
  10. Haha I'm just playing around cronus. I like you too much to start any confrontation ps. I think you look impressive
  11. European Super League

    No. I posted it in the same context @jake87 described. "They're making out everything except football doesn't matter to the UK government". You getting triggered by me posting the photo showed me that you are one of these social justice warriors. AKA snowflake.
  12. What are you passionate about?

    You want sum i giv it ya!
  13. Is Ryan someone that would impress you then? I'm trying to understand what you would consider impressive. If it is Ryan then yeah it's understandable that anyone who's not a top tier mens physique competitor would not impress you
  14. European Super League

    Rugby,boxing,wrestling.mma,ice hockey are jokes of a sport mate. Table tennis is the only sport worth watching. srs