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  1. Yo what’s up

  2. Down The Hatch

    Ah superb, nice one
  3. Down The Hatch

    Result! I'm just tring to find a company for full blood tests. Could you recomend any?
  4. Down The Hatch

    Are you familiar with the stuff? I'm not but jumped in anyway
  5. Deal when I see the 18 big ones. I've put a bag on her head but your best putting one on too incase hers comes off.
  6. She's got a bus pass ? I,d pop the Aldi for a couple of tubs of butter though. Be like burst balloon down there the age of her oofff. Grandad said it was like banging a burnt hedgehog been put out with a golf shoe.
  7. Of course. But I can send her round for £18?
  8. I'd be curious to know how you get on
  9. Well theres times in a mans life when that is a life saver. Like the time my nan was scrubbing grandads soiled tights with her tits hanging out. Ewww
  10. Down The Hatch

    As soon as the lock down lifts I'm gonna neck these 4 shots and and get to work on the first poor female I see down the frozen chicken isle of Tesco. Gonna keep the mask though, think I'll have a better chance.
  11. As above... Won't make that mistake again
  12. Struggling to find syringes

    UKMEDI.co.uk Got plenty new stock in
  13. Oh we did mate but it's dieing out. The last few years the youth have turned it to 'lad'. They start and end a sentence with it. Don't buy into it myself. Give it a go...
  14. Cheers laaaaa, it's pretty addictive this forum! Some good info and funny chats. I'm a newbie and glad I joined
  15. Home gym pissing contest

    Bring it back I say! Prob easier to find mercury than top gear tbf ?