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  1. You all know this guy

    Memberships the same for every fucker ,if I wanna sit for 5 mins doing fuk all, no different to having a 5 min go at doing the exercise, IM JOKING
  2. Best sandwich

    Tbh I'm from Lincolnshire, but wen I was a kid and nanny use to, baby sit us before school ,she would give us toast with dripping on , because the best butter was saved for grandad haha
  3. So is a calorie a calorie?

    Calorie is a unit of heat , they are all equal in terms of energy ,
  4. European Super League

    Makes a mockery of the sport , so greedy players and teams do this , then they can't play internationals , so the crap they spout about playing for your country is an honour ,money means more pffftttt ,
  5. A question I always wanted to ask , I'll chime in a bit , What if you took the correct drug to counteract it from day 1 to the end of cycle would you never get it , I know this adds cost just wondered ? Same with hair loss ? Does the statement above count towards this as well
  6. Rate these chocolate bars

    I have this tonight my dad's favourite as well
  7. Rate these chocolate bars

    White lion bars nice , love a good picnic too My mum always are Turkish delight fu**ing disgusting
  8. Best sandwich

    Hedgehog bread , best butter, butchers ham, extra strong mature cheese My mum use to fetch the bread and butchers ham on Saturday morning when I was a teenager no wonder I was and still am fat haha
  9. Grow calves

    I'm fat at 15st 4 but if you saw my legs and not my top you would think I was liw bodyfat lol
  10. Any car mechanics on here?

    Lol normally black , just stops accelerator pedal wearing out carpet or if you press to hard will produce extra power haha
  11. I don't think this thread is very pc lads , I'm not a , shirt lifter,sausage muncher ,nor a manhole inspector and I certainly do not drop anchor in poo Bay, I AM NOT GAY , but my boyfriend is he is offended
  12. Tbb There's loads if characters I dreamt of being as a kid , I was a tv addict , My list would be I'll give you the characters who knows the shows ? No googling either pls Terry Mccann Samuel Becket Colt Severs Arthur Fonzarelli London the dog Adam prince of eternia Howling mad Murdock Mitch buchanen Eric Wimp Michael Knight Just a few ,more to come tommo
  13. Any car mechanics on here?

    Yer exactly as we did it mate , just clip was a pitta if remember
  14. I once did an adults weekend at Minehead butlins, Keith orville cuddles where all there , security was manic , no phones, no recording no nothing , my mate checked a text n got thrown out . Think he wanted to keep his clean routine humour and if it got out about his adult humour would look bad , he was funny a f**k , Just reminded that orville used your joke somewhere in his routine
  15. Any car mechanics on here?

    Thats not bad shout my dad's insignia was same split or even come off