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  1. Gyms opening in a week!

    holy s**t i never ever knew that time existed i dont usually roll out of my cave till noon
  2. Gyms opening in a week!

    yea its horrible! i hate crowds at the best of times due to me not tolerating idiots (aka im a c**t) ...but its just going to be like January 1st usually is a bunch of people that have zero clue what they are doing with no interest in learning taking up all the good equipment and best lighting spots XD As long as gyms remain open this time though its all happy days.... ive been buying all my tshirts bigger to be ready for incoming gains.....if i wear them now they just drown me.
  3. Gyms opening in a week!

    I was counting down the days till gyms reopen...then i got a date for some minor hip surgery (april 16th) so i miss the initial opening. Hopefully the "rush" back will be over by the time i can go in as all the lazy f**kers would of taken all their instagram selfies, remembered gym requires effort and f**ked off happy days. At least then when I'm lifting baby weight i wont be so embarrassed XD
  4. Worried about the kids

    Give his meat head friend a slap XD Regardless of how awful that cycle is as his potential first, he's only trained for 6 months and he's just going to mess himself up trying to take the 'easy' way. Theres so much that can accomplished as a natty and being able to learn his body in regards to training and nutrition is whats going to do him best in the long run. Atleast then if he ever does decide to come to the dark side he will get the most out of a cycle and would of hopefully learned enough discipline to be able to do it the 'right' way too.
  5. Yes I'm pretty sure it was clen, it soon settled down i was just sensitive to it. I do have to agree shaking isn't a sure sign its the real deal and if you're not shaking it doesn't mean it necessarily fake. Shakes are a side effect, if you can avoid them then great! still.....80mcg is a lot and should at least have some indication its doing something,.......however if you dont have any sides dont increase dose till you do because thats a great way to end up dead. if you don't feel its helping drop it.
  6. I took 20mcg my very first time trying clen and i basically was a walking, talking vibrator. i find clen very strange like the feeling of an adrenaline surge in a fight....but your sat on the sofa doing jack s**t. If you felt absolutely nothing on 80mcg id guess fake.
  7. Can you get someone pregnant while on PCT?

    nah, end of my actual cycle not PCT (should of clarified) lol... point is i was theoretically in a worse position than you so your chances are higher. no matter what point you did the deed at...you still did the deed so there is a chance. only way you'll actually know is DNA test, till then chillax, s**t happens
  8. Can you get someone pregnant while on PCT?

    I have two kids both of which were conceived towards the end of a cycle....so yes it very much is possible. .....that being said they do both look suspiciously like the milkman.
  9. relaxofine for gyno

    do you mean Raloxifene? if so, i have read that it has a higher chance and is "better" at shrinking gyno than tamoxifen...but like @swole troll says surgery is really the only actually solution.
  10. First Timer Advice

    Personally id suggest choosing a later show. Although its entirely possible to get ready in your time frame (depending how you're looking now) you never want to be thinking "will i make it", "will i get lean enough". That alone is enough to ruin your prep. Would be much better served taking your time to dial down into a show and present the best package you can rather than what you "rushed" in 11 weeks (although again it is doable)
  11. yep, started bulking just before this lockdown happened and gyms shut.....switched to an aggressive cut instead but still running same compounds.... 500mg test cyp, 400mg tren...might add some t3 in soon when i start hitting the wall and weight loss slows.
  12. New member

    Thanks @TERBO
  13. New member

    Hi all, long time lurker... Age :25 Height :6ft1 almosttttt 6ft2 Weight:110kg Bodyfat level: Marshmellow