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  1. Trainspotters of UKM

    Hi guys I’m currently out at KingsX station jotting down the numbers on various trains and I was wondering if there are any other train spotting enthusiasts among us? Train spotting is so much fun you really do not know what number you’re going to stumble across and sometimes you hit the jackpot with a real corker!!
  2. The BBC seem to be airing an agenda promoting the delusion it’s the general public’s fault for spreading the virus and not the government’s for the total lack of clarity on guidelines not to mention the eat out to help out scheme. What’s you guys thoughts on this? I know a small minority have been stupid but the care homes are suffering because the government failed to look after them period.
  3. The Recorder.

    Maybe ease up on the lady boys.
  4. The Recorder.

    What a marvellous instrument! I heard young children playing at home yesterday and I have decided to take it up myself! Does anyone have any recommendations on which type to buy please?
  5. The Recorder.

    Don’t be so rude!!!
  6. The Recorder.

    Cut the claws off!!
  7. The Recorder.

    I’ve two shitted him by inserting the tip into my colon and playing WHAM wake me up before you go go!!!
  8. 7-10 time natty production mate you’ll see ridiculous gainz if everything else is on point. 73kg in amateur middle weight at around 10 stone.
  9. The government is passing the blame.

    Yup...that’s the UKM Narrative’ obviously the government who should have had training, planning, protocols etc in place because they had been warned something like this could happen basically f**ked up for 12 months.
  10. Beware of the OWLMAN !

    Yeah really funny that mate.
  11. Beware of the OWLMAN !

    ? Jeez you don’t half post some shite Stu!
  12. Atomic pharma mk677 DG test e 300

    No mate that’s RX labs Sen....
  13. The Recorder.

    Hmmmm interesting. Did you strain hard?
  14. The government is passing the blame.

    No mate it was the 40 people on the boat rave! Lol
  15. Kcals

    How many exactly are in a single load of cream? I’ve had 12 shots already and I don’t want to be in to greater surplus.
  16. Moldavian Pharma?

    It’s good stuff the YouTube guy probably got faked Moldavian Pharma there was a load knocking about a while back.
  17. Attention lazy bastards

    I’ll share my needles? After I’ve jabbed my test.
  18. Attention lazy bastards

    Never! The Gainz Laboratory is all mine.
  19. Attention lazy bastards

    I like to attach them to pins on my squat rack and attach the other end to my Olympic bar that I have weights on. True story!
  20. Spot outbreak 1-2 month after pct

    How bad is the outbreak?
  21. The government is passing the blame.

    Thank you Sen! Very interesting analogy.
  22. Moth problem.

    Has anyone else had a problem with moths. I took some clothes out of my wardrobe yesterday and they are full of holes. I wouldn’t mind but some of the items cost hundreds to over a thousand. Can anybody recommend anything to deter the little critters. I’m not very happy about it but hopefully the dry cleaners can repair them.
  23. Hi all

    Hi Jimmy! Welcome