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  1. Bench and no gains

    Just bench more, I don't think you're anywhere near needing to work on weak points yet (pin press, etc) - you just need to bench more frequently. e: OP hasn't logged in since September. Probably won't see this.
  2. Wrist Discomfort/Cracking

    Nightmare, I'm in my early 20s guess I'm just not built to be able to do underhand grip. Not a massive problem, I'll just have to continue to train around it.
  3. Youtube premium?

    Spotify is way better imo, if you can get it for free it's a no brainer mate.
  4. Alright lads

    Been lurking a while but finally decided to make an account. How we all doing? Used to misc few years ago but this place is a million times better.
  5. Not sure why I didn't just bump this thread in the first place lol, ta
  6. Wrist Discomfort/Cracking

    This has been a pain in the arse for about a year now. Movements like chin ups, straight bar curls, anything that requires me to pull with a supinated grip, etc all cause discomfort in my right wrist. Feels like pressure maybe, I can then relieve it by turning my wrist/elbow - they'll both crack/pop. The elbow isn't causing me any trouble though. This pressure comes in just about any situation where there's weight on my wrists like squats or military press but only really causes discomfort on supinated grips. Any advice? I've completely avoided any underhand stuff but it just won't go away. Might pick up some wrist wraps for pressing. Semi-venting lol
  7. Hello mate, sorry to jump on this thread out of context but since my acc is new I can't PM you. How are you getting on with your Cholinergic Urticaria? I was diagnosed with the same thing and it's absolutely doing me over. Would you mind PMing me? Cheers.