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  1. @Ezechiell interesting, though not surprising considering those variables. I mean you'd expect test levels to be higher when taking a higher weekly dose (250 E4D = 437mg weekly vs 250 once-per-week = 250mg weekly) and by testing closer to the injection day (2 days vs 5 days).
  2. That's good mate. I'm certainly not saying that I don't take your word for it but i'd wager any extra waste is avoidable. I have observed a few drawing and injecting protocols that are very wasteful. Namely, removing and discarding the drawing needle before clearing it of oil and not top loading the syringe with air to clear the injecting needle. But also, a lot of people seem to unknowingly draw and inject more oil than they are planning to on separate needle/syringe setups - mainly because they look at the first line to measure, and ignore the oil which is below it, which in a few larger syringes i've seen can be 0.1-0.2ml or so. One thing insulin syringes definitely have going for them is the ease of accurately measuring the medication.
  3. Not sure "I pin every day" and "less waste" should be in the same sentence. I mean, if were talking about injecting equipment that is significantly more waste than is required for a weekly injection. And if we're talking about the residual waste of oil - there will always be residual waste of oil in the barrel relative to how much you fill it, so that is dose dependent, not frequency dependent. By sticking a little air bubble "finisher" in the syringe you can clear the needle too, besides the residual obviously - but all else remaining equal the residual waste of oil travelling through one needle is going to be less than that of seven needles. So a strong argument could actually be made for once weekly injections being less wasteful of oil too.
  4. Wouldn't recommend sustanon, really not keen on the stuff. Enanthate is the one for me, but i'd sooner take prop over sust and just deal with more frequent injections. Combining esters muddies the waters in my mind - makes it harder to dial in your dosing and frequency.
  5. Newbie advice on PIP

    One thing to consider is the needle. I wouldn't recommend jumping on the insulin needle 0.5" 27/29G bandwagon. I tried it and had nothing but issues with it, sub-par results and bad pip, with some serious knotting in the ventro. Switched to 1.25" 23G in the ventro and I can't see myself going back. Zero pip and solid results. I do have some 1" 25G needles too, but find delt injections bloody awkward.
  6. Yeah man that's fair, cheers for sharing your experience. Looking at the numbers, a 1500mg dose of test would likely require around 5ml of oil to be injected (assuming it's a 300/1 oil) which, as I understand it, is about the maximum you can inject into the glute in one go, and far more than you would want to inject into the delt, ventro, quad etc. Even if it gave the same physical results (injecting 1500 once per week compared to splitting), that would be a hell of an injection without any room for site preference.
  7. @js77 less concerns, more considerations, and whether or not I want to stand on stage is irrelevant. You may well be right about very high doses of test. But surely that's due to the volume of oil (in terms of how many ml a muscle can hold per shot) rather than the actual process once the oil is in the body?
  8. General info required

    I'm not certain what you're trying to achieve with the pct to be honest mate. Guys will use pct to kickstart their own test production (amongst other things) then keep the engine running naturally for a while before going back on cycle. What do you hope to achieve by running a 2 week pct before going straight back on?
  9. Just got to hop back to the first post for a second.... Are you sure your results were 346 ng/dl test??? Because that is excruciatingly low for your age. This may not be a popular opinion, but if you're test is sitting around 346 at 20 years old and you want to pursue anything "athletic" you pretty much have two choices.... 1 - a long-term and debatably unwinnable battle (depending on your goals) against your own physiology. 2 - trt
  10. Here are a few certainties to consider along with the "feels" and anecdotal evidence. Comparing injecting 3x per week to injecting 1x per week. That's.... 3x more needles going into your body, each one being a potential risk of infection. 3x more needles, packaging and alcohol swabs, which will need to be made, paid for and disposed of (hopefully responsibly). 3x as much residual waste of medication. 3x as much time spent prepping and injecting. At this point i think there would need to be some substantial benefit, backed up with decent studies for me to go back to frequent injections.
  11. One thing that I always think of when people speak of "steady testosterone" being desirable is how foreign that is to the body. I'm certainly no expert but I have enough of an understanding of hormones to know that natural testosterone production in men is far from steady or consistent, be it over a 24hr period, weeks or even months. And that's before considering the effect of things like a couple nights of bad sleep. I'm yet to be convinced that constant, steady testosterone levels (even at the top end of natural levels for the sake of argument) are any better for the body than the "peaks and troughs" people might speak of on a once-a-week injection schedule of enanthate. Just food for thought/discussion though.
  12. @wilko1985 yeah i tried that too, a couple times and both times I got a painful knot/lump that lasted about a week. Maybe it's the test i'm on as it's a 300 per ml type, which might be why it's not taken up well subq for me, who knows? But yeah, i wanted the whole slin pin thing to work, but despite trying multiple sites and methods, "no bueno" so to speak.
  13. @swole troll thanks for the info. This is definitely something i'll pay more attention to from now on. @Brodhurst keen to see how the frequency will effect your results (if at all) keep us posted. @wilko1985 interesting. I used slin pins for a while injecting every 3 days, suffered with bad pip though, and started knotting within a few weeks at both deltoid and ventroglute locations, I seem to need a deeper injection but glad it's working for you. @Sasnak thanks for the shared experience. I do occasionally wake up with greasy skin or tender nipples, not sure that's the right word actually, not tender but some mornings I am "aware" of my nipples as weird as that sounds. I wonder if those mornings were following a pre-bed whiskey and I just never put the two together?
  14. Thanks for the reply. Damn, well that's something worth keeping in mind for the future. Especially since a few glasses of wine a week would be what i'd consider moderate drinking at most. Sounds like it'll take me a long time to get through this bottle of kraken spiced black rum i just got for my birthday!
  15. Thanks for the input fellas. One thing that perked my ears from @Sasnak regarding alcohol consumption. I certainly don't drink regularly, or even socially. But my wife and I have a "night cap" a few times a week. Usually a spirit, whiskey most regularly. A bit of a tangent - but how much alcohol would you say it takes to put a spanner in the works (hormonally speaking while using test)