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  1. re-using barrels is it safe ?

    Mate i've got kids. With that (i'd hope) comes a certain consideration for the planet we're going to leave behind. If you're opinion of "alpha" is a willful disregard for the planet we rely on then i'll happily write you off as someone whose opinion has zero value to me on this forum.
  2. I'm also curious about this. I have read several times "alcohol raises estrogen in men", but never been linked to a study that supports the statement. I've also read about guys on here that believe alcohol contributed to gyno on trt while others drink regularly with no negative effects. I began forgoing my "night-cap" a few months ago, and I do miss it, a lot.
  3. re-using barrels is it safe ?

    But to play devil's advocate, these would be my main two concerns, both to do with the residual oil left in the syringe between uses. 1. Would the oil spoil in some way? Over, say, a week? 2. Would the oil deteriorate the rubber plunger, either affecting it functionally or by bleeding some microscopic amount of toxin into the oil which would then be injected into the user?
  4. re-using barrels is it safe ?

    @gymaddict1986 @Malin @AncientOldBloke Cheap or not, a reduction in waste (providing it is safe to do so) should be encouraged imo. Syringes (unlike needles) seem like they could be safely reused providing they are stored safely between uses. If just a few guys on a 2x weekly trt protocol used one barrel for the week's injections, between them they'd save the production, packaging and disposal of 78 syringes in one year.
  5. re-using barrels is it safe ?

    No I don't send the vials back to china Mine come in blister packs, so I guess you could open one up just enough to get the syringe out, put it back in after the injection and fold the packaging back on itself? I keep all of my injecting equipment in a sealed carry case anyway, and the syringes in their own zip-lock bag. As long as your hands are clean and the process is quick I can't see much danger to be honest. A lot of guys seem to be on trt injecting twice per week right now, using a fresh barrel on Wednesday and then reusing it over the weekend before discarding would be a great way of cutting the barrel and packaging production requirements in half.
  6. re-using barrels is it safe ?

    I am curious about this too. The money isn't a concern, but as someone who is environmentally considerate, even using a barrel twice would half the manufacturing, packaging and disposal requirement, which over the course of multiple cycles/long term trt would be a step in the right direction, especially if it became common practice.
  7. Switching to Sub Q?

    That's why my statement included the word oil I'm currently using bpc sub-q and it's great.
  8. 3 sites per week required

    If it were me i'd go Dorsal - Ventro - Deltoid
  9. Ventrogluteal injection complication

    That isn't ventroglute. Too low and (based on the picture) too far to the left. Follow the crease of the hip when seated. Stop aspirating. And stop freaking out so much, if you do yourself real damage you'll know about it, and by that point it'll be too late anyway
  10. Switching to Sub Q?

    @DACTT Yes I do believe injecting oil sub-q increases the risk of issues. Sub-q just isn't able to absorb the oil as efficiently as Im, therefore it WILL stick around longer which increases the chance of lumping. Even the guys that are into sub-q generally only recommend it for small doses. Which in itself is pretty much all you need to know, if you can only get away with a certain protocol for small doses, that's indicative of a sub-par protocol.
  11. Switching to Sub Q?

    If this is accurate then this is big knowledge should not be overlooked. First time i've heard of this, would like to know more.
  12. Switching to Sub Q?

    It was a little slow drawing, but nice and smooth injecting it. The actual injection process was lovely with slins. Can't think of any reason why the needle size would cause issues with the absorption of the test to be honest mate. And to be honest it's been a while since i took anything on t-nation seriously.
  13. Dosage vs length of cycle

    Have you run a similar dosing to either options before? I mean if it were me i'd always take a lower dose for a longer duration, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's right for you.
  14. Switching to Sub Q?

    I tried it and it DID NOT work for me. Using slin-pins sounded great to me, due to the minimal waste and simplicity of one piece of injecting equipment per jab. As did the idea of minimizing (debatably) scar tissue. I picked up a box of 29G 1/2" insulin syringes. I tried subq belly - very painful for a few days after, hard and tender nodule under the skin. I tried subq obliques - similar, not quite as bad but still far worse than a traditional im injection. So I tried going in shallow im to the ventro glutes - ok at first but after a few injections (reasonably spread apart) i got nodules that stuck around for a while. Finally, full 0.6" needle into the medial delt - this would surely be fine right? Nope, same as the ventro, after a few injections the same hard lumps appeared. At this point I switched back to a good old, buried 23G 1.25" in the ventro and haven't looked back since. Wish it worked for me, but it doesn't.
  15. If it's a hard(ish) lump/nodule I would wager that you went too shallow and didn't quite hit muscle. Which if you're using a 1" needle and (if I remember correctly what was said earlier in the thread) didn't go in all the way, doesn't surprise me. I use a 1.25" 23G for ventro and wouldn't go shorter unless I leaned up a fair bit. I personally don't se how so many guys get away with shallow-im injections (usually .5" needles), they were nothing but trouble for me.