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  1. Garden Gym

    I would also advise you to buy parallel bars for training your back and chest muscles. This shell doesn't take up much space, but it contributes to muscle building and helps to improve posture and strengthen the spine. Also, some kind of leg trainer, cardio trainer to warm-up, for example, a treadmill, exercises on it will perfectly prepare you to work with heavier loads and, as a bonus, calories are burned. I drink some instant coffee before a workout (if you are gaining weight, add grass-fed milk and raw honey) or special coffee-based vitamins. In general, I strongly advise for an additional effect to develop a complex of cardio training (I advise the plank exercise), eat right, turn on vitamins and maintain a sleep schedule.
  2. Diet 55 days

    Good job! I congratulate you. Especially with diabetes, I know how hard it is. This is what it means, when a person wants, he will do it, despite the conditions. About carbohydrates, you can try incorporating pasta and rice into your diet. It won't affect your diet
  3. Meditation

    I don't have the patience to meditate. Immediately thoughts fly away in the other direction. What helps you stay focused on the moment?
  4. Yes, about the absence of stress, normal nutrition and sleep - it's true. But guys, the good old way of sex to increase testosterone has not been canceled
  5. Hi from a South African who is now in the UK

    Oh, hi! I'm a newbie too. What do you mean by a very good genes?