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  1. Need help with bloodwork

    Your anavar must be good and you test undersosed androgen levels being high mean you have androgens coming from somewhere (anavar) and this will also being reducing your SHBG (which is a good thing as it frees up some of the testosterone in your system) find a new source for your test , plenty of decent labs mate
  2. Anyone used

    Yeah in the past I’ve used onyx test e , eq , var 50’s , whinny 10’s all did what they were meant to do and I was happy enough with it
  3. Need help with bloodwork

    Your test it pretty much at the highest end of the range mate , pretty sure there is some active compound in what ever oil you are using but personally I would expect to see a higher reading on 400mg a week . I would say your gear is about half under dosed , add a bit extra in and see how you feel.

    I’ve ran eq a few times and found that test+Eq is best ran at 1:1 500/500 600/600 dont know about tren , never touched it mate
  5. re-using barrels is it safe ?

    I personally would not re-use a barrel but for your arguments sake instead of using a barrel twice , why not put double the amount of oil in the barrel and just change the pin for second injection ? say you pin 1ml a week , put the 1ml in the barrel , pin 1/2 mil Monday and keep the other 1/2 mil for your Thursday jab That must be a cleaner and safer idea ?
  6. Dark Ghost ?

    Using DG primo at the minute and can’t feel anything after I’ve pinned , smooth as silk
  7. Vascular

    What’s your favourite dick skin look med ? var, winny , eq , primo , tren , dhb which you think brings the best vein pop? when I first started taking gear I was advised that I should run EQ on my first few cycles to make my veins permanently pop! So I did .. And it worked ! But that was when I was 19/20 and now EQ f**ks with my head! nowadays I like the look that adding in annavar gives me !
  8. Would you consider this ‘Clean’

    I’m by no means impressive but I’m happy in my own body and what I’ve built up! Plenty more work to be done but I’m happy in myself!
  9. Would you consider this ‘Clean’

    I’ve had a re-work and been on this for about 2 weeks now and just thought I’d see what you thought of it in terms of improvements. I feel a lot more energetic in the day and feel a lot fuller whilst training and holding a pump for slightly longer upon waking - actimel , cup of green tea , supps+greens meal 1- 100g oats, 250ml soya milk, 75g blueberries meal 2- 200g white mash , 85g garden peas , 170g steak, 1 banana meal 3 - 200g white mash , 85g garden peas , 170g steak , 1 apple meal 4 - pre 200g sweet potato mash , 85g garden peas , 180g chicken breast TRAIN meal 5 - post 300ml soya milk , 2 scoops whey , 4 rice cakes meal 6 - varies 220g chicken breast or 250g lean mince 100g white past or 100g white rice a cooking sauce (reduced sugar/fat) 75g of steamed broccoli 20g of reduced fat cheese (couple of times a week) Protein bar for dessert a couple of times a week dependant on the size of meal 6 i have dropped the turkey bacon , switched out cow milk for soya , reduced powder intake. I do feel slightly more bloated than before , but I’m hoping this will pass once I’m into my blast and the gear does it’s job. I will be playing about between mash and rice for my day time meals. I thank you very much for your help and guidance @Bensif it’s greatly appreciated cheers D
  10. Anyone got fees back on this UGL

    Q meds
  11. Anyone got fees back on this UGL

    Looks like ghost ?
  12. Would you consider this ‘Clean’

    Thanks for your help bensif , after 3 days of changing my meal 3 to steak, mash and peas I must admit I feel a much better pump when training , which is amazing ! I think I’m going to my Banana to my breakfast as I didn’t realise that it could be giving me a trumps (I had no idea a banana could have this effect but since you have pointed it out I have now noticed it after missing it out for 2 days) any recommendations on how many rice cakes post work out ? Or an ideal amount of carbs to re-fill my stores Many thanks again Dan
  13. Would you consider this ‘Clean’

    Thank you for your input guys , very much appreciated. i’m going to scrap meal 3 (reducing milk,powder and turkeys rashers) and replace it with a a steak , 200g sweet potato mash and half a can of garden peas (thus adding more red meat, carbs pre work out and a little potassium. im going to switch my rice and pasta for whole grain and brown options in my evening meal Also going to add spinach to my meal 2 chicken wrap Any recommendations for an easy add on for my post meal ? Perhaps 2 bananas instead of 1 ? cheers
  14. Would you consider this ‘Clean’

    I used to have a shake before bed but found that I had not been sleeping well at all so I’ve cut it out and will probs add something in again pre-bed as I’m starving when trying to fall asleep