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  1. So I’m a fairly laid back calm person, but the last few years when me and the misus argue I’ve found that I can’t control my anger. I end up punching a wall like a fu**ing child. Never her, ever!!!! But it has become physical before between us and I’ve pushed her or something totally unacceptable. She’s no Angel and makes the situation worse sometimes but I take responsibility here. I just had the realisation that this must be / most likely is a form of roid rage. I’m not that kind of guy at all. I’m not violent, never have been and I’ve never ever ever had anger issues. I don’t fight or lose my temper often. But lately I have been when pushed. I appreciate they say roids just make you more of a dick if you’re already a dick. Anyhow it’s mainly since I started the Tren at 200/300mg per week, always with a test base. I can’t believe I’ve only just fathomed this, but I never bought into the whole RR thing safe to say I stoped Tren when I had this realisation moment . Anyone else find they have any issues like this?
  2. Reducing Gyno on cycle

    I’ve started taking 0.5mg Adex 2x a week and I’m guessing 40mg of Nolva per day for 6 weeks May help?
  3. Reducing Gyno on cycle

    Such s**t genetics lmao Zero swelling or lumps or soreness. anything I can do to help?
  4. Reducing Gyno on cycle

    What’s the best way to treat it?
  5. Hey guys. I think I’ve got very mild gyno. No swelling, no puffy or painful nips and no lumps, but I’ve always had a bit of a triangle shaped nipple and I’m a bit worried about it. I’ve always had awful chest genetics so I just don’t know. My chest hasn’t changed much but I don’t know, I see this kind of side titty at the bottom of my chest. It doesn’t look right. Like grade 2 on the attached pic. I’ve abused Tren E 300mg for prob 4 months and everything and anything over the last 3 years. I’ve not bothered with an AI for years as i never went above 300mg Test. Bad mistake maybe. And yes, very stupid. I was going to see the docs but they know f**k all about this kind of stuff. ATM and for the last 3 weeks I’m just doing Test E 225mg per week while on a cut. (I’ve been cutting for months) I’m keeping it simple and low dose to avoid water and try my best to save muscle while cutting. I’m loosing 1lbs a week or so. Diet is clean and I don’t drink or smoke. 4 day working out and cardio 30/45 mins daily (uphill treadmill) Can I do a 6/8 week course of 40mg Nolva a day while on this cut to see if my chest changes a bit in terms of this triangle shaped titty, or do I need to stop aas completely? I ideally want to keep cutting and I’m told if coming off I need to really eat above maintenance and smash the gym and drop cardio. Anything else I can do to help? Ive also not been taking hCG so I think il get some and run the recommended amount with a view to come off in 2 months when I’ve got the desired body fat thanks for the help guys. I appreciate I’ve been stupid but I’m now asking for help.
  6. @El Chapo Hey bud. I find in the past, i bulk with Test and an Oral, with a clean diet. But when I cut, I lose my gains. Regardless, I want my next cycle to not require a cut to reach my goals. I am on a journey to cut to 10% body fat using 300mg Tren / 150mg Test per week. Cardio and balanced diet + lifting. Once I get to my goal, I planned on a cruise of 150mg Test for 8/12 weeks. Assuming I don’t lose muscle or add fat, I then planned on a lean bulk with Test e 250mg and Tren e 250mg for 12 week with a 300 cal surplus. to round this up, Is this low dose Test / Tren cycle with a balance diet and small surplus likely to allow me to put on 4/5lbs of keepable muscle without adding any fat? Thanks mate
  7. I’m working really hard to get shredded atm. 8/9% body fat. I’ve lost a fair bit of muscle the last few years for various reasons. I then want to do a slow and long lean bulk. Counting cals, really good balanced diet. No booze. I want to put on a solid 4/5lbs of lean tissue with no fat, or as humanly little as I can. In the past, i bulk, then cut and lose most gains. I don’t want to have to cut after this cycle. Right or wrong, this has just happened and I want to avoid having to do a cut, to keep the tissue I put on. I’m thinking 200 tren E and either 250 or 300 Test E. With diet and training depending, would this protocol make sense? I want to keep Doses low and avoid all orals. Two compounds only and less than half a gram. Ideally E not A as I only want to pin once per week. Thanks in advance.
  8. Is 150mg Test E ok for cutting when utilising 300mg tren E and 50mg var? I want to keep the dosages as low as possible and don’t want the extra test if it’s not needed.
  9. Hi all. Staring a cut and going to utilise Test P at 100mg eod. I do like to track weight loss on the scales but i am aware Test can add water weight. Would you avoid the scales all together when using Test P and cutting fat?
  10. 100% not. Tren sub Q is not good
  11. No way. That’s weird. Best avoid tomato haha
  12. Test/tren to test/dbol?

    How did you find the low dose Tren with Test? Assume it was a bulk?
  13. No Reasons being..... Throw it in now and then what next time? Stick to your simple test plan. Keep it simple and maybe use an oral next times. If your training and diet are on point, and your gear is real, you absolutely don’t need an oral for this cycle.
  14. I’m running 200 Test prop and 200 Tren ace (Nexus and Inone Pharma) for my cut. Diet is on point with no sugary drinks or booze. No sides for me apart from one day I missed an injection and doubled the dose. I had awful heartburn that night.