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  1. Sis?

    I had a bottle of SIS Test E 300 last year when I was self-administering TRT. I'm not sure what was in it but it gave me pretty tasty anxiety. It might have had a bit of prop in it or something but I was a nervous wreck for the four weeks I was on it before I ditched it and ended up getting on proper pharma test. I remember googling it and found one other guy on a forum (I can't remember which) who reported the same sides, although all other feedback I found said that it was pretty good stuff. I chalked it up as experience and moved on.
  2. Apologies. I can’t remember which thread this comment was posted in or I would have replied there directly. It seems Dr Stevens is amongst us.
  3. UK private clinic choice?

    Also me. Well. Kinda. I'd started on the UGL route in July 2018 after one of my mates assured me that he knew everything I need to know about TRT. He was a proper gear user and got some pretty decent results at the gym, so I took him at his word. Two years later (September last year), I contacted BMH to get myself onto a proper protocol after it became pretty clear that my mate didn't know enough (read: anything) about TRT. Looking back on it, I've no idea why I waited the two years to come to that conclusion but anyway. I've learned a lot from BMH and I'm making them earn their money by trying me out on different esters and protocols until I'm 100% happy and optimsed, and then I'm going to contact the Ledger Clinic or even go UGL. With all that said, as much as I'm learning from BMH, I can sense that they're reluctant to over-share information for the obvious reason that I might one day know enough to be able to be able to self administer. However, I'm not one for being hoodwinked once I get my teeth into something so I'll be sure to get what I want from them in terms of information.
  4. Anyone who's switched from Sustanon to Cypionate?

    I felt a real dip for the first couple of weeks when I switched there so don’t read too much into it just now, mate. One of the early signs I’ve noticed is that my boners seem to be harder on cyp. Too much information? You’re welcome.
  5. I don't know the extent of your mental health issues, mate. I do know from experience that anxiety will wreck your whole life in a heartbeat, including your libido. It's also worth bearing in mind that TRT can flare up anxiety pretty bad, especially when you're going through the initial "dial-in" period. It's not always the easiest journey to embark on.
  6. Test-E : Preferred injection frequency?

    Thanks man. In my twenties I could be on all sorts of pills and booze all weekend and be neither up nor down afterwards. Now that I’m almost 50, I’m a curtain-twitching nervous wreck (with a dash of temporary insomnia and extra greasy skin) after one night of a few beers. ... and I started TRT to try to feel like more of a man. *rolls eyes*
  7. Test-E : Preferred injection frequency?

    Thank god I remembered that this post exists. I had a drink on Saturday (8 pints of lager and four cans of cider) after being off it for more than a year and I believe I've given myself a fairly nippy E2 spike. I don't have any AI to hand. How long (roughly) am I going to have to wait until the spike smooths off?
  8. Blood test timing

    They normally ask you to get your blood drawn on "trough" day, which is usually just before your next injection (e.g if your next injection is due on Wednesday afternoon, then get your blood drawn on the Wednesday morning). You can do a finger-prik test by yourself but I have my doubts as to how accurate they are. As for drawing your own venous blood? I've heard of it being done but I wouldn't have the foggiest idea how to do it. I normally pay the local private hospital to do it for me for £35.
  9. Can you be sensitive to testosterone?

    I've read anecdotally about guys who experience sleep issues for a few months when they first start TRT. I've experienced it a bit myself, including the times when I've changed my dosing protocol but it passes after a while.
  10. Please feel free to treat me like the idiot I am. I've googled this question a bit and the stuff I'm reading goes way over my head. Say I've never injected Test before in my life until today, and I inject 100mg of test cypionate, and assuming that the half life of cyp is 8 days, how does my body process it? What's the actual mechanical process that goes on? Could some kind soul please explain how it works, or provide a link or two that explains things in layman terms I can read please? I thought I had an idea of how it all works but I'm beginning to realise that I don't.
  11. If you take steroid tablets with a tapeworm

    Highlight of my nursing career, that day. How are your bunions now anyway?
  12. Would you advise TRT with these levels?

    Thanks man. I kinda answered my own question this afternoon. My last set of bloods in late January was a finger pr**k test, and it came back reporting that my hemoglobin was at 185. I gave blood this afternoon and they tested it at 158. I haven’t really changed much other than switching from Sustanon to cypionate a week or so ago but I don’t see that having much of an effect. My faith in finger pr**k tests is now in the trash.
  13. Would you advise TRT with these levels?

    Can you elaborate on this a bit more? Which part(s) of a blood test can it influence? My last blood test had to be a finger pr**k test due to Covid and I wondering about such test's accuracy.
  14. Anyone who's switched from Sustanon to Cypionate?

    I'm only parroting stuff I've read online but isn't sustanon the least desirable ester to inject subQ due to the viscosity of the oil it's suspended in?
  15. Anyone who's switched from Sustanon to Cypionate?

    Thought I'd give a bit of feedback on this one in case anyone ever finds themselves in a similar situation. Four days before I wrote the original post in this thread, I'd decided to throw in the towel with sustanon. The anxiety and rapid heartbeat was getting out of hand so I jumped back onto a bottle of UGL Test E that I'd had tucked away for a rainy day. On Tuesday this week, I started on the cypionate I had asked for through BMH. Last Monday (22/02), my resting heart rate was 85bpm. It's been gradually going down since I stopped taking sustanon and today it's 70bpm. Of course, this doesn't say much about enthanate or cypionate but I thought it was interesting that my heart rate's been coming down since I stopped taking sustanon. I believe it takes up to 16 days for the propionate ester in sustanon to completely leave your system so I've got a few days to go but still. Interesting stuff.