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  1. post your strongman training routine

    Cleanandpressed. Com I think There's a few first Timers coming up later this year
  2. i've lost two mates to mental health issues as a result of the lockdowns. so your comment stings extra hard. i'm anti-lockdown. sweden has the right idea. i'll say no more on the matter, as my blood is now boiling
  3. And of those confirmed cases, less 0.2% deaths. Let's do the maths here. 0.2% of 487 = 1 1 death And people say the figures all warrant the closing of society Something isn't right with this picture
  4. Casein protein leaves lots of froth on top?

    i use a shaker. there's nothing left in it when im done drinking mine. you must be doing something different, or got a bad batch?
  5. Casein protein leaves lots of froth on top?

    cant you just drink the froth? thats what i do. won't hurt ya. i use the same stuff from MP
  6. What happen to the protein muffins?

    fcuk... didnt realise this no wonder my LDL is through the roof fcukin slitty eyed bastards and their plans for reducing global population bet theyre putting arsenic in the mince pies
  7. is it unlikely that i will get high prolactin on my Test and Dbol cycle? or should i buy some caber just in case?
  8. Tudca

    Wait... it's not 1990??! What year is it? Where am I?!
  9. Are you American? My spidey-senses are telling me you might be... With regards to the goals, thats very admirable. I'm sure someone experiened will chime in on here shortly. A little patience. In the meantime, while you're waiting, do some brisk walking every day and keep your calorie intake low.
  10. supposing prolactin was in the thousands, how would the OP treat it?
  11. This time last year?

    I was dogsledding in Sweden this time last year with these guys. The snow we had today brought all the memories back. Doesn't look like I will be going on holiday anywhere this year. Will have to make up for it in 2022.
  12. This time last year?

    mate, just go disguised as Peter Crouch. they'll be all over ya and if they aren't, just shag em anyway LOL
  13. This time last year?

    As I always say, women are generally only good for 2 things, cooking and sucking. And some aren't even good at either! LOL
  14. This time last year?

    I know exactly what you mean. My new years resolution to myself in 2020 was to get out there and get as much poonani as possible. Who knows, maybe even meet "the one" along the way. Ended up being the shittiest year of my life, so... yeah... I feel ya.
  15. This time last year?

    Sorry to hear that bro. Women suck.