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  1. How to build calves

    I have beastly calves I jog twice a week And when I'm in the gym training leg day, I finish off with 4 sets of standing calf raises ( 4 sets of 8-10 reps, heavy weight!) Then dropset the final set for a total burnout
  2. Ive done the same thing before. I'm sure many of us have been guilty of rushing the cut. Don't beat yourself up too much about it. Just use as a learning experience. I'm currently in a slow cut myself, and feel quite impatient sometimes.
  3. They do slightly lower T levels, yes. But marginally. Maybe about 5 - 10%. The most noticeable effect is lower sex drive. I've been on a low dose of Sertraline for years, and it has definitely reduced my sexual appetite. Funny enough, I decided to lower my dose of anti-depressants recently and try to "ween myself off them" under medical supervision (as I no longer feel I need them) and funnily enough my old sex drive has started to return again!
  4. how much test for 3D delts ?

    i dont think any of you actually read. i asked how much per week could achieve this look? and then got slammed by a bunch of idiots going totally off topic talking about: 1. natty bodybuilders, 2. my shoulders must be crap 3. apparently i don't work hard, just want to slam gear etc, etc. bunch of arseholes the lot of you 2nd and final time signing out of this sh1thole see ya... w**kers
  5. how much test for 3D delts ?

    I don't know anyone who has shoulders like this as a lifelong natty. If you find anyone who has achieved this without any PED use, please do let me know It's a well known fact that androgen receptors in the delts and upper pec will enable you gain that freaky 3D effect unlike anything a natural could ever achieve "passive route of slamming gear" - Youre making a lot of assumptions here pal
  6. how much test for 3D delts ?

    ha ha ha, YES they line up and i press them, one by one then "press" them in the bum after just for good measure
  7. how much test for 3D delts ?

    thanks buddy, this is the best answer here by far do you think you'd see 3D delts on 300mg Test/ week?
  8. how much test for 3D delts ?

    Pro natty bodybuilders are not lifetime naturals though. you do realise this? jesus... cant i just get a straight answer its like talking to a bunch of kids
  9. how much test for 3D delts ?

    Hmmm, not sure I agree. Everyone says Ive got good delts, and can overhead press most guys in my gym Am currently at 15% BF, but rear delts arent thick and rounded like a juicers Cannonball delts are almost impossible to achieve natural
  10. how much test for 3D delts ?

    Most nattys cant develop capped delts and achieve that 3D steroid look, no matter how you train them. You'd have to either be on the juice, or have BEEN on the juice. Ive been training 15 years natty and still dont have 3D delts... But, for example, a guy thats only been training 1 year then goes on his first cycle suddenly gets 3D delts after 8 weeks Ive noticed this.
  11. Already have a decent set of delts natty, but want that 3D look Assuming training and diet is on point, what's the lowest amount of test you think would achieve thicker, capped delts? I see guys on high TRT doses that dont have capped delts, so I imagine you'd need over 200mg/week Thoughts?
  12. Been on 9 weeks, what should I do now..?

    Mate, you NEED vitamin D for healthy functioning. I lived in Belfast for a year and hardly ever saw the sun there. Get on a sunbed for 10 minutes every week. Besides looking pale and pasty, not getting any sun is also linked to lower testosterone and lower feeling of wellbeing.
  13. whats the deal with people on gear who dont even look like they are on gear? ive befriended this bloke at our gym, and he's a decent chap but told me he's been on gear for years and currently takes over 2grams a week - ridiculous considering he just looks like a bloated Bradley Walsh seriously... why are there so many guys taking steroids that look like utter crap?!
  14. this is so freakin true in fact, i probably got more girls when i was young and thin because i had a slimmer more handsome face you start packing on size, and things start to change
  15. Teeth care

    After Do your usual twice a day brush, for 2 mins then right after brushing, swill with the peroxide and hold in mouth then spit after 3 mins p.s. its important to do this every single day, with out skipping any days, or you arent going to see much benefit make it part of your regular routine