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  1. Don't have the labs on my hand, but from my memory 25mg 3 times a week brought me from the base level of 3+ ng/ml to 6.5 ng/ml. the free T was also on the high level range as I remember.
  2. I'm not realy interested in being injected. And the fact that I reacted good to clomid before I was on T gives me hope that I can manage being on pills teraphy and not injactions in the clinic. BTW, I managed to get from my doc another Clomid and now I'm gonna be on Clomid 25mg for 20 days And than Clomid 25 mg 3 times a week. And than bloods on week 8 from starting Clomid. Hope it will jump start my natural T. Is there people here who had succes with geting off TRT after a year on Nebido using Clomid?
  3. I've started my trt journy with Clomid, tried it for a month and had good results, but I thought that Nebido will give me more benifit - I was wrong. That protocol of 10 weeks was bad for me and I got low mid T at week 5 and minimal T on week 10. I felf good on the first weeks and then realy bad on the next 5-6 weeks. So I have asked my doc to put me back on Clomid theraphy, and as I have reacted good to Clomid with good high stady level of T he agreed. My next blood test will be 8 weeks after starting clomid. I just wonder and search for answers online becuse i have read alot of info that has made me lost.. There's posts that talk about larger doses of Clomid that what i have been given, other posts talk about how long easter is Nebido and that it can take like a year until it cleares from tge body. So im realy lost lol.
  4. I’ve been on Nebido T mono in total of 5 injections since 12/2019 (10-12 weeks apart) as a part on prescribed TRT, last injection was on 08/2020. At the start of this week my doc prescribed me Clomid 25mg MWF (3 times a week) as a PCT and then a mono therapy. Would this dose be sufficient protocol to resume my natural testosterone production?