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  1. Endo Consultation

    That post was telling people not to take themselves seriously, which was taken from their FB group... Each to their own....I was just pointing out that TMHC isn't a rip of company like many of the online providers. But it is amazing how many posts they get on their FB page and how many posts I see on forums from people asking loads of questions. You don't tend to see that from their patients as its all explained in a face to face. But again, you pay your money and make your choice.....
  2. Endo Consultation

    The Mens Health Clinic is £50 a month for both daily test cypionate and daily HCG injections. Companies like BMH and Optimale seem to take the pisswith prices. Leger is very reasonable too depending on what protocol you prefer.
  3. Blood results opinions please

    My knowledge is limited but I imagine most here will ask you to post your blood results and they can work it out from there....
  4. Self TRT - Blood Test help

    ... Yeah I agree that could be the reason. Like I said I'm still learning and taking all advice on board. Slightly off topic he mentions that his medication is not licensed in the UK, only Europe....is that the Cyp or HCG? He goes in hard on Sustanon too and really doesn't rate it.
  5. Self TRT - Blood Test help

    I have been watching some videos and reading articles prior to starting and Dr Stevens from the Mens Health Clininc has a lot of videos on his YouTube channel about the different types of injectable. He was saying in one video that prop is not suitable for trt and only athletes run it as it's out of the system quickly for drug tests... Can't offer any more info I'm afraid as I'm still learning. But his vidoes are good for knowledge....
  6. Blood results opinions please

    Thanks for all the updates everyone. Whilst waiting to do the 2nd test I've emailed Dr Stevens who replied straight away. He seemed very professional and sent over all the info and prices. Once the 2nd results come back I will no doubt be asking for opinions on them and Dr Savage Thanks again
  7. Blood results opinions please

    Thanks for that. I suppose that's one of my main concerns but having done a little reading it appears that low test can cause aggression and trt can actually calm people down.
  8. Blood results opinions please

    Anyone had any side effects of TRT? Particularly increased aggression?
  9. Blood results opinions please

    It's a necessary evil I think but I will just look the other way like you said. I don't mind going private and paying as it's reasonable through Leger. It's the initial decision of starting that will be the big decision. If my next bloods are low and Dr Savage reccommends it I'm inclined to do it based on the way I feel now. Thanks for all the advise and input everyone.
  10. Blood results opinions please

    It's the blood aspect...as in giving it and seeing it come out etc. Injections and tattoos are all fine. Either way trt on cream would require regular blood tests so it's something I will need to overcome. Ideally cream would not be my choice as I have a young kid and a baby so don't want to risk contamination.
  11. Blood results opinions please

    Yeah he said to get a 2nd test to confirm. To be honest it's a relief and I'm looking forward to getting past this! I just HATE giving blood! The fingerprick test was bad enough...I was queasy throughout!
  12. Blood results opinions please

    Thanks for all the help. I will do it the same time. Does it need to be 3 or 4 weeks? Can it be sooner? Cheers
  13. Blood results opinions please

    For them prices it's not the end of the world and to get treated by someone fully in the know is obviously beneficial too. Let's see what the next sample looks like and go from there I suppose.... How long should I wait between samples? Does it matter?
  14. Blood results opinions please

    Diet and sleep and good....work can be stressful and I hate blood so that is a good shout on the raised prolactin! I've read a lot of this forum and it appears the nhs takes a long time and the protocols aren't the best. But I will absolutely consider it...I'm in this to feel better and not just get legal test. I will see what the venous results look like and maybe consider a Dr appointment. The cost at Leger seem reasonable. How much are you paying for your actual medication? If I went with Leger to get the ball rolling does he then write to your GP and encourage them to take over? Wouldn't that mean he loses the monthly subscription fees he charges? Thanks again
  15. Blood results opinions please

    Thanks for the reply, No AAS usage, fingerprick test taken in the morning. I've not felt right for a while, anxious, no motivation, moody, poor memory, grumpy, not very upbeat or positive, and weight gain I can't shift. I train with weights a few times a week and run too. Its all come to a head and I decided I wasn't happy as I was. My wife also noticed i'd been off for a long time. Did some research and saw that low Testosterone could be a reason for the above. So I went with a medichecks test just to see as I felt the Dr would think along the depression lines and medicate for that. So I've got the results and they look like low test could be a reason for how I've been feeling. I completely understand about pinning forever and it's obviously a concern. But I do know I'm not happy to carry on feeling like this....so if it will help I'm in. I've emailed Dr Savage and he's told me to get another (veinous) test including thyroid. I've ordered the medicheck full work up. Once that's in he said to book for an appointment to discuss. It's good to hear my prolactin isn't too bad. I'm easy stressed so maybe that explains it? Thanks again