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  1. Where do I go from here

    For easy reference, here's my previous results again from 10 days ago
  2. Where do I go from here

    So I've just got my blood results back. Things are definitely still changing so I'm going to wait a while and see what happens and test again in 3 weeks. Maybe running another pct with heavy doses of HCG isn't going to be required, I guess time will tell. My LH has settled back down and is now within range, all the nolva must be well out of my system now. My total test is up to 15.5 nmol, up from 13 nmol 10 days ago. My only concern is my prolactin seems to be back on the increase. Please feel free to add your thoughts.
  3. Where do I go from here

    @Pez189 thank you, good to know you recommend Leger. I just thought it would be handy to have them on my doorstep. Or at least once corona buggers off anyway. I know there's definitely an issue, one way or another I will get it sorted. If that means TRT for life so be it. I can't go on like I am now and I'm committed to the goal of seeing life in full colour again. I've ordered two test kits earlier as I'm curious to see what's changed so I'll post the results when I get them.
  4. Where do I go from here

    @C T thanks for that. I'll give it another go but with HCG too. Once I've got everything on hand I'll make a start. In the meantime I'll educate myself on the subject and hope to get a better understanding of what's going on with me. Thank again pal
  5. Where do I go from here

    I'm 38 but I'm definitely feeling much older at the minute ? I'm taking 3 caps of zma before bed and 4000iu of vitamin D. I'm not on any other meds other than a daily piriton tablet because I'm just allergic to life. If there's chance HCG would do the job would it hurt to try? Or would it do more harm than good? I'm only 20 minutes or so from the Leger clinic so if TRT is the way forward I think I'd go with them
  6. Where do I go from here

    @C T thanks for taking the time to post I appreciate and need all the advice I can get. I've not used any HCG before, my usual pct has always just consisted of nolva. With the exception of this last attempt to get things going again I ran 50mg of clomid and 20mg of nolva for two weeks then continued with 20mg of nolva for 4 weeks. Do you think another attempt but with a couple of weeks of high dose HCG to start would make a difference?
  7. Where do I go from here

    @Pez189 sorry my replies were going to moderation being a new account. There's some other blood work and replies further back which you may have missed in regards to the LH
  8. Where do I go from here

    Sorry guys I am replying but being a new account everything is having to be approved by a mod.
  9. Where do I go from here

    @Pez189 cheers, I'd be willing to try anything if it might give me a chance of producing a decent amount of natural test again. What would you recommend dosing the HCG at and would you follow that with clomid?
  10. Where do I go from here

    I did think that would be the case in regards to the NHS. I've never had my pituitary looked at and not had any issues with AAS, I ran one fairly mild cycle of epistane (30mg 4 weeks) once per year and never had an issue after pct. The last one I ran in 2019 I threw a prohormone version of Tren in the mix and I've never recovered from that cycle. My bloods in January 2020 showed my prolactin levels were mental, I took a handful of natural remedies to try and bring that down and in February they had slightly improved. I left my body to do it's thing and re-tested in August 2020 due to developing a gyno issue that I believe was related to my prolactin. Here's my bloods from those dates. My LH levels prior to this last pct were all within range.
  11. Hi all, I'm considering TRT as I'm tired of feeling like crap and I desperately need to get back on top of my life as it's all slowly turning to $hi# I've recently tried again to perk up my natural test levels running another clomid/nolva pct and I've ended up more or less where I started at 13nmol. I've not bounced back from a cycle I ran in August 2019 and have been suffering with the symptoms of low test ever since. I've been having regular blood work by medichecks to keep a track on things. Am I right in thinking at 13nmol the NHS would just dismiss any thought of TRT? At the moment I have no idea which route to take. I have no idea if there's any hope to get my balls firing on all cylinders again or if TRT is the best option. Attached is my last blood test taken 5 weeks after my most recent pct.