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  1. Cycle Information

    On 1st Test E Cycle which i propose to run until just b4 Xmas. Started at 1cc per week and now 2cc per week. Noticed gains and feel great save for some discomfort after insertion. Thought to do PCT for 6 weeks thereafter and then commence futher cycle probably of Sustanon. Been told that PCT when in your 50's is pointless and should continue on lower dosages b4 increasing when time is right and bloods right. Any thoughts/guidance?
  2. GH

    Have been taking GH for last 6 weeks and initially inserted pin in stomach/abs area but resulted in marks. Have for last 3 weeks inserted in traps and no markings. It's nearer pituitary gland I hear so more beneficial. Have aridemex to start shortly as fear of gyno as nipples appear to be altering given low Test E of 1cc per week currently. Any thoughts ?
  3. Cycle Information

    Currently Intex TE-300 by IntexPharma
  4. Cycle Information

    OK maybe it is! What would anyone with greater knowledge recommend brand-wise
  5. Cycle Information

    Thanks. That's what I'm using. Perhaps it's not the forum for what would be recommended?
  6. Into week 5 of cycle and still suffering real discomfort in butt cheek after insertion of pin. Discomfort and restriction of movement lasts 72/96 hrs Appreciate that it may be normal but struggled to bend down to put sock on this morning and it's quite debilitating. Wonder whether it's anything to do with quality of gear or my technique! Is there anything to relieve pain or will it ease over time. This is the 1st time I've used injections as b4 only took tablets. Using 1cc of Test E and Turinabol tabs ( Tren a possibility in weeks to follow at v.low level of course)
  7. Hi...just signed up and need advice. Started 1st official cycle almost 4 weeks ago of 1cc of Test E per week plus 20/30 turinabol tablets daily. Also taking 20u to 40u of oxytropin. Feeling good and size increasing and want more size and vascularity. Thinking of combining Primo or increasing Test E. I'm in my early 50's and weigh around 170lbs/76kg