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  1. Libido taken a hiding

    This is the only logical solution I see as well. Get your willy chopped off and your erection problems are gone @Love2lift31 you can even join a community and start buying rainbow Percy pigs from m and s
  2. Tren cough

    You either stop tren or you accept you're going to get it sometimes. People say injecting slower can help but other than that not really much you can do. I tried tren for about a month before I abandoned it (didn't get on with it) and never got tren cough however a couples weeks later I got a coughing fit injecting test e lol
  3. Now you just need some needles made from Afghanistan and some sterile wipes made from Iraq and you're set mate
  4. Calories too high?

    That's why most of the forum are ripping the piss out of him. Hasn't built up any strength base before taking gear and thinks training on gear will make up for his lack of knowledge and probably lack of effort. I took myself very close to my genetic potential and use gear to push myself past that. That's why very early on I decided to blast and cruise because I'm past my natural genetic potential and it would be pointless for me to blast and then resort back to how I was natural anyways. The kid has done it the wrong way. I also think he's far too young to take gear because he has mentioned that he hopes it 'deepens his voice' and helps him grow 'facial hair'
  5. Calories too high?

    Fancy going twos up on him @Simon90 or do you think he'll break too quickly ?
  6. Considering all the women are lady boys in bangkok I'd say there'll always be a shortage of testosterone. You could always try ship some into the country but I'm not sure if the risk of death by firing squad is worth it to you
  7. Roid Rage Realisation

    Can confirm with @Simon90 I've always been a hot head as well and gear hasnt changed nothing on that front but being on gear has made my libido skyrocket. This is why me and simon don't bicker on here anymore because we spend our time engaging in passionate love with each other instead of fighting
  8. Advice needed

    I've got very hairy nipples op. Are you jealous
  9. They've got every right to give advice but they got no right to 'bollock you' A doctor's job is to inform and treat not to patronize
  10. Don't forget the trannies who get surgery free on the nhs to get their little willies chopped off
  11. Can't see the picture properly or whether you've got a funny shaped arse or what not but that looks like your lower back where you're injecting lol
  12. Southern Ghost Cialis...

    I'm confused. You're complaining that you aren't getting a headache or flushing and you're basing the effectiveness of a erectile dysfunction medication on whether it gives you a pump in the gym?
  13. Picture a loser who makes multiple accounts on an online forum talking to himself and tries to make himself relevant to something. But never does
  14. Aye you're right mate. You've gave me plenty of advice since I first joined this site and Ive always appreciated it and took it on board so I'm going to take your advice and @sos2008advice