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  1. I change hands yeah. I stand up when injecting. It's a massive difference. Everytime I do my left glute there's quite a bit of blood as well even though I go same place as my right. I don't really get blood in the right glute
  2. Come on lads I thought there would have been alot of people on ukmuscle who have expertise in arse cheeks
  3. You are a spud for posting this
  4. Im alternating which glute I go in every week but I notice when I go in my left arse cheek Its painful but in my right it doesn't really hurt. Anybody else get this?
  5. I'm coming up to my 4th week of my first ever cycle. I'm hoping to get a good 10 years out of it before I regret it
  6. Gyms opening!!!

    You're welcome lads there's the government been wasting billions looking for a vaccine when there's aldi doing chicken soup for 40p
  7. Gyms opening!!!

    They should have just told people to have a bowl of chicken soup. That's what I do when I get a cold
  8. Mine and me wife's families are from gateshead like
  9. Aye i go to dragonville for me shopping. I'm up at langley park. Are you up the north east like?
  10. Yeah we could do mate. Aye Durham city itself is full of stuck up people but it's alright where I live. I'm about 3 mile from the city centre. I go to the gym in the city centre though. Canny gym but packed with students through the day
  11. Haha aye hendon is horrible. I used to live in pennywell. I bought a house in Durham when my first kid was born as I thought if I bring him up in pennywell it would be child abuse lol @stuey99
  12. Haha sunderland's better than newcastle. The smackheads here only ask you for 20p but it's 30p in Newcastle
  13. I'd be buzzing if I could get my protein from honey
  14. Gyms opening!!!

    I'm a complete novice when it comes to steroids but isn't 1g tren e a week a ridiculously high amount?
  15. Gyms opening!!!

    I'm staying at home to work out it's too unpredictable. I've been adding to my weights and equipment since the first lockdown. Isn't it funny how boris an obese bloke talked about the benefits of maintaining a healthy weight and then proceeded to shut the gyms down. They talk shite these politicians