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  1. Just a waiting game mate. If your estrogen isn't back in range in a couple month then you could try watching dirty dancing. That should raise estrogen
  2. Sir Tom Moore

    RIP captain moore. I enjoyed watching your walking videos on the occasions that I couldn't be bothered to watch paint dry
  3. Slavery is still not over in KSA!!

    Aye you're probably right mate haha
  4. Slavery is still not over in KSA!!

    Saudi arabia are the biggest terror state going yet nobody does anything about it. A country that still beheads people in the streets and we sell weapons to them. We invaded iraq for so called 'weapons of mass destruction' but are allied with the Saudis because they are rich. It's a joke. I demand that the uk send it's full armed forces in to sort them out. All 2 of our war planes. Our 1 big ship , carrying all 79 of our soldiers to sort them out
  5. Can’t wait for fri

    Don't do it @Fors331 his T bags are bigger than your chest
  6. Invaluable advice...

    Haha sunderland's a great team mate. We play top teams like accrington stanley and gillingham town. I'll look up some recipes and give them a go. My memory's shite as well. I watch films and forget what happened in them by the next day. I'm a knocking bet for alzheimer's when I'm older
  7. Some people say mast also has anti estrogen effects and some people say that it doesn't. What is your opinion on this mate?
  8. Why is Christianity dying?

    Jesus was a long haired hippy smoking a quarter onze of green daily while talking conspiracy theories. People got sick of him and put him on a cross. If the lad had of stayed on the straight and narrow, did a bit of lifting and got himself a wife instead of having homosexual relations with his disciples then things could have been totally different for him
  9. Invaluable advice...

    I hate drink but like my football. My wife would like it the other way around. @Philfg you not going to share this protein cheesecake recipe? Cheesecakes my favorite food and if you give me a way to eat them while cutting I'll love you for life
  10. They seem like sound lads to me. The only issue is 9 out of 10 accounts they welcome will be ketones
  11. Haha you sound like me mate. My wife says I'm unsociable but I say that's because most people are kunts lol. If I didn't have a family I'd be on tren right now without a doubt. I might be fine on it but couldn't take the chance. My bairns are really young as well. My son is 2 and my daughter is 8 month
  12. I'm weary of it as well mate. I'm known as a bit of a hot head. Don't want to be killing anybody
  13. Or should I go all out and get a ttm mix ?
  14. That's exactly how I'm going to do it Phil 300/300 but once a week for me. I'm going in my glutes but I probably should change up where I go soon. Will I be fine putting the test and mast from different vials in the same pin bud ?
  15. Good stuff. Got me looking forward to it now