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  1. The New ROHM

    I read on here that they now spell 'intramuscular' correctly on the new labels. Is there a Rohm rep on here who can confirm these are the legit new bottles?
  2. Pharmacom test cyp

    I saw some posts on other forums claiming their gear is bunk/underdosed. Hard to know who are genuine users and who are reps on the internet
  3. Pharmacom test cyp

    I've been lurking around here just long enough to know this is sarcasm? Thanks for the confirmation guys. I'll post bloodwork mid cycle on here once gyms reopen
  4. So I'm planning out my first cycle and getting everything I need. I have 3 bottles of test cyp that is confirmed authentic pharmacom. Has anyone on here consistently used pharmacom products and/or had bloods coming back looking good? I see rohm are highly rated on here too so if pharmacom turns out to be shite I have a source for that too but I'd rather not spend the extra. Another question would be to anyone based in ireland, where I'm from. Where do you get your bloods done? As far as I know medicheck isn't over here and my current gp isn't an option.
  5. First Test Cycle Help

    Any reason that you've decided not to run hcg?