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  1. What are your plans for Christmas?

    how did me and the UKM boys pin you down and take turns last weekend then?
  2. 300 test 300 deca

    what im doing right now
  3. What are your plans for Christmas?

    me and the boys are gona pin you down
  4. What are your plans for Christmas?

    guess ill have to settle for a cheaper second rate whore like yourself
  5. What are your plans for Christmas?

    Might treat myself to @KETONES this Christmas
  6. never tried it, always use voltarol and cold spray and works well.
  7. HCG year round?

    If I could get a good generic product I'd do that but I only use SG and they only have ovigil.
  8. HCG year round?

    I don't trust it is what it claims to be in terms of dosage. It is a fake product afterall, Ovigil is no longer manufactured...
  9. HCG year round?

    No one sells HCG in the UK officially so I have to get it from a private company which imports it from Italy.
  10. HCG year round?

    Been doing 250 IU mon,wed,fri (750 IU PW) and my load still has sperm in it I think infact maybe even more volume than before trt, balls have definitely shrank a noticeable ammount since adding deca 200mg pw. How do I try it and see how i get on? How the hell do i know. Thanks.
  11. HCG year round?

    If I just did 250 IU monday and friday would you say that would be a good protocol?
  12. HCG year round?

    @TERBO So injecting once per week stopped sperm disappearing? What dosage? I might try 250 IU mon and fri
  13. HCG year round?

    f**k it, ill keep using HCG
  14. HCG year round?

    Do you guys think there is any point taking HCG with 19-nors, I am doubtful HCG will stop me getting shutdown when 19-nors are thrown into the mix. I also think I will be de-sensitising myself to HCG by using it for 10+ years so It may be best to not use it and then use it when I need to? This study shows it is very unlikely I wont be able to bounce back, I dont know what to do arghh.... What would you guys do? http://tau.amegroups.com/article/view/2249/3145) @TERBO @Sasnak @Juice_head