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  1. Getting off diazepam

    For me it is the opposite. Some people it makes them highly paranoid and anxious, even without a history of these traits. It's worth him at least giving it a go.
  2. Getting off diazepam

    Taper with a pill cutter is the way to go . Over a prolonged period - take 7.5mg then to 5 etc Have you ever tried smoking weed for your aniexty? don't know how popular that is on here - since we are all so healthy
  3. Skipped leg day

    Looks like the knees of a corpse.
  4. How do I tell an electrician to go away

    Sparks may fly...
  5. How do I tell an electrician to go away

    Walk in bollock naked and greased up. I'm sure he'll get the message - however, it may be the wrong message
  6. Dating someone much younger than you

    It's the way he talks about it so 'matter of fact'. As though it is a common anagram that we all know. lol
  7. Dating someone much younger than you

    I must have hit a nerve. Someone can't take a joke.
  8. Dating someone much younger than you

    Sounds like something an immature bellend would come up with. Let me guess, you have a little journal and keep score of this 'SMV'
  9. Anyone into hand grippers

    The 'setting' of the gripper allows for a standard width close - if a block is used to pass between the handles before closing. Think of it like the pause on a competition bench press. If you try and close it without a set then it highly favours having big hands. For general training i'd do both 'set' and 'no set' closes.
  10. Anyone into hand grippers

    I may have been wrong about the exact number but it was over 400lbs (since he is american) The majority of his claims were crazy and anybody that trains seriously - either for powerlifting or grip knows that. Grinding the handles together on a 4 and some people to this day defend it as legit.
  11. Anyone into hand grippers

    It's a niche hobby like you said. The main grip forum is literally a group of 20 guys or less and has been running since the late 90's. I don't take it too seriosuly but add in some gripper work between squat sets. That's been eough to close a 2.5 for 4 reps
  12. Anyone into hand grippers

    Then there was the whole conspiracy that his number 4 close wasn't legit, due to tampering with the gripper spring. He said many outlandish things - squatting 200kg for 50 rep sets was one of them. A fraud in my opinion.
  13. You could have continued making progress on a novice routine with those numbers. Why jump on so early? Learning how to train and make progress naturally is essential.