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  1. Noob questions sorry

    So I’m new to working out and I’m looking for a little advice.I’m 27 and have tried to work out and stuff before but never really lasted longer than a week or so.I’ve been going to the gym for around two months and loving the noob gains and gained around 1.5 stone in the last six weeks but I feel like My routine is not very productive.I’m doing a four day upper/lower split which is working great for me and really enjoying the gains I’m having trouble gaining body fat to go with it. I’m eating around 3500-4000 calories but the long workouts make me think I’m using to much calories as I’m at about 4% body fat and unable to get it any higher.My question is would a upper/lower split alternating with a bro split help with this as I can get more done in less time.
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