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  1. Test E Sides

    I’d guess AI not needed. Go back and look at my previous posts you can see how high my estro went on 300mg and I never touched an AI.
  2. I think this is the issue, do it standing up
  3. I’m sure I posted this advice in the last post. 1. Stop aspirating, medical professionals don’t why are you. 2. To find the ventro stand straight up, squeeze glutes as though pushing hips forward, ventro will be the large lump of muscle on your hip. 3. Do the injection standing up, you don’t need to sit down. 4. Take another picture doing the stance I’ve suggested and we can easily see the ventro glute location. Although to me it looks like you’ve got it correct. 5. Honestly the amount you’re freaking out makes me think this just might not be for you. There will be pain, blood and all sorts of other things that happen when injecting. Once again good luck.
  4. Dark Ghost ?

    Would love to try it but can’t find it anywhere.
  5. Pain after 5 days is completely normal when you first start. Virgin muscle can be a bit sore, once you’re used to it you’ll be fine.
  6. How long to run mast

    I wasn’t thinking it’s not that bad because others have done it, really just more interested in what others had done and there experiences. Thanks for the feedback mate, much appreciated.
  7. How long to run mast

    Thanks for the reply. I’m completely aware of the health equation just wondered what others had done, I’m sure I’m not the only crazy one to stay on too long. This is basically my first cycle and as it’s been going so well strength and size wise I just haven’t wanted to cut back. I’m also conscious of hormone changes, should I expect any sides from dropping the t a bit? For example I had bacne in the first 12 weeks or so which has now completely gone, is it likely that’ll come back with a hormone fluctuation. Also should note I’ve never been any higher than 300t/150m so this is basically a really long pathetically dosed blast. I’m undecided as what to do next.
  8. Hi Guys, Just wondering how long people have run masteron for? I’ve been cruising on test e 300mg since August and added in mast at 150mg for the last 8 weeks. Thinking of just keeping it in if blood work comes out good again. Anyone with experience of long cruise low dose mast? Or even Mast with trt? Cheers,
  9. Real or Fake Rohm Dbol and Primo?

    Have you started taking it yet?
  10. Sis?

    I’d stick with RHOM mate, seen a couple of threads showing it’s G2G
  11. Testosterone enanthate 300 cycle

    Also I should note I used the ventro glute for the first 14 weeks of pinning and found it a dream compared to other sites. I have never and will never aspirate though. Follow the muscle up from your glute to your hip that’s the ventro.
  12. Testosterone enanthate 300 cycle

    To find the ventro glute stand straight squeeze your glutes as if you’re doing a hip thrust, it will be the lump of muscle that appears on your hip. It’s basically under your wrist on this picture.
  13. Dianabol Cycle help?

    No surprise you had chest pain on 60mg. Half that dose will be sufficient.
  14. First-time cycle

    Yes that will be fine, best not to over complicate a first cycle. I would start low, 250/300mg a week only. Get bloods before/8 weeks in, and maybe have an AI on hand in case you get any high oestrogen sides. Check my previous posts to see bloods from my first cycle.