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  1. What to add next?

    Cheers mate, I previously went up to 50mg of dbol and survived, so 20mg sounds good. Flowers and rom coms! That’s me avoiding var for life then. More of a walking dead kind of guy.
  2. What to add next?

    Ok mate cheers. I was originally planning on just the test but now as Stuey said I’m getting a bit greedy. Gainz are coming daily and my strength has gone up a lot, my garage gym is working a treat, best money I’ve ever spent. Training and diet is all good.
  3. What to add next?

    I’ve got all that handy if I need it, diet on check. Cheers for the advice man.
  4. What to add next?

    I’m definitely getting greedy, loving this so far. Actually looking forward to injection day. I’ve tried dbol years ago but I’m thinking oestrogen might go mad with test too. Anavar or winstrol maybe then?
  5. What to add next?

    No ancillaries needed? Not currently running an ai and don’t really want to.
  6. What to add next?

    Couldn’t we just say I’ve been cruising at 300mg for 16 weeks then and about to blast?
  7. What to add next?

    Cycle is ongoing, I’ll just carry on at 300mg until any health markers show up. That was the plan anyway.
  8. What to add next?

    Possibly some sort of competition in the future, if I can get to that level.
  9. What to add next?

    Good question? Experimentation and max gaining potential I guess. I’m 40 this year so just keen to really get going I think, tbh wish I’d started about 10 years ago now. Also should note I’d do bloods at 16 weeks before I considered adding.
  10. So I’ve been running 300mg a week test enth, first cycle and so far only been on five weeks. My question is what to add next? And at what timeframe? I’m thinking primo/masteron at week 16 something like that? Any suggestions?
  11. Dbol lovers...

    I did a dbol only cycle when I was about 18. 30-50mg tapering up then down split up evenly throughout the day. Went from 74-86kg in 8 weeks, strength was amazing, I felt good on it. Lost 6kg two weeks after cycle, didn’t do a pct, managed to hold at about 80kg after that. No idea how much exactly was fat or muscle but I was pretty lean throughout. Just my experience obviously but I liked it.
  12. I was freaking out big time for my first pin, I actually had to try it with just a needle first and no gear. After that I was much more relaxed about the actual shot. My guess is your just freaking out, apart from that it otherwise went ok?
  13. Just been offered this, any good? Not much info coming up when I’ve searched it. Cheers
  14. Interested in everyone’s experiences with arimidex side effects? I’ve used it once in the past prob 20 years ago and had terrible hot flushes. Every 10 mins or so completely drenched in sweat for like 5 seconds and then it would pass. I’m guessing I tanked my oestrogen. I’m now doing my first proper cycle and starting to get a bit twitchy about the nips, quite likely paranoia as no lumps or anything. However I have arimidex handy and want to really gauge the worst case side effects I can get from popping half a pill. Haven’t done bloods yet as I’m only a few weeks in but my natural oestrogen levels are near the top of the range, so I’m guessing they’re def high now. Cheers guys