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    Johnconnor905 got a reaction from Ironman TS in Ansomone vs Hygetropin   
    I only ever used hygetropin because it was way cheaper but it was definitely good enough for me.
    5iu ed was miles better than dosing these peptides 3x per day. Wasnt on cycle so it wasnt anything else. I had mad fat loss and pumps were crazy to so I cant see it being any different to the other higher priced hgh out there
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    Johnconnor905 got a reaction from Pez189 in Psyllium Husk Powder benefits?   
    I have constipation think its because of my ritalin also add on high protein makes it so much worse. Psyillium husk sorts me straight out and keeps me going each day.. it seems mad how pooing consistently can affect you but it really does feel sooo much better.
    Also had benefits if you take it before a high carb meal helps to slow down digestion or something and lowers cholesterol. 10g a day is plenty bulkpowders has a kilo for like 12 quid.
    Make sure to drink water to otherwise it gives you wind and cramps 
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    Johnconnor905 reacted to Pscarb in Ghrp + cjc hgh release   
    I would start with 250mcg 3 x week then go from there, it is not dangerous as such, it can cause a deterioration in your own pulsing of HGH if used for too long as it creates a continuous bleed of HGH, 6 weeks on followed by 4-6 weeks off will be fine.
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    Johnconnor905 reacted to Pscarb in Ghrp + cjc hgh release   
    if using clinical grade peptides, the data showed a release of 1.13iu of HGH per injection with a combination of GHRH+GHRP at saturation dose.
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    Johnconnor905 reacted to Pscarb in Hgh or peptides wound healing   
    I believe Medichecks does one
    Yes but not just any type, powdered or cream you have to do some research on what is the best though, you cannot just choose any, also I have been using CBD cream for my osteoarthritis in my shoulders with great effect for pain and inflammation, this type of cream also has a great effect on recovery and restoring skin.
    I am using a brand called Cannadox the difference it has made to my shoulders is unreal.