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  1. Saturated fat, good or bad?

    Also cholesterol itself has no direct impact on your health.. google it. It is high in heart failure etc because of all the bad food they each which contains all the fat and the sugar. It is insulin then causes fats to be bad for you. With steroids cholesterol is the least of your concern what you need to do is control blood pressure and reduce strain on your heart it is well known LVH is what causes heart attacks in steroid use. This is not caused by cholesterol but high blood pressure which over time makes your heart hypertrophy as it is needing to pump harder to push a higher pressure of blood around your body.. hence the name left ventricular HYPERTROPHY If i was you guys on a big cycle i would go on an online pharmacy and look at blood pressure lowering drugs there are beta blockers ace inhibitors etc. But do not take to much. All these supplements from the shops that say they lower blood pressure DO NOT DO ANYTHING. You need an actual drug specifically designed for the job.
  2. Saturated fat, good or bad?

    To much omegas actually cause inflammation. When you mix saturated fats with high sugar for example all this processed food then it is worse as it oxidizes or something in your blood and its the sugar and insulin that then makes it stickto arteries. Your body uses it for cholesterol which then makes your hormones
  3. Psyllium Husk Powder benefits?

    Mix it with cold water and then once you drink it have a warm glass it helps it to dissolve in stomach better lol
  4. Psyllium Husk Powder benefits?

    I have constipation think its because of my ritalin also add on high protein makes it so much worse. Psyillium husk sorts me straight out and keeps me going each day.. it seems mad how pooing consistently can affect you but it really does feel sooo much better. Also had benefits if you take it before a high carb meal helps to slow down digestion or something and lowers cholesterol. 10g a day is plenty bulkpowders has a kilo for like 12 quid. Make sure to drink water to otherwise it gives you wind and cramps
  5. Ghrp + cjc hgh release

    Yeh i dont eat s**t not using it for fat loss even tho when I did use hgh last year i did lose fat which is a bonus. Cant be arsed to use steroids anymore to much hassle and my mindset has changed. Want to use it for extra gains even tho it is small compared to a cycle It is still something and I like other effects it has to.
  6. Ghrp + cjc hgh release

    Does anybody know of any studies of some sort that says how the combo compares to hgh as in say how many saturation doses of ghrp2 is equal to say like 5iu hgh or whatever number I ran hgh for like 4month last year 5iu ed no days off with no roids etc and the stuff was like magic but cant afford to use it like that atm.
  7. Ghrp + cjc hgh release

    Yeah im not expecting many gains at all. Big difference to what I used to do but Im just wanting an extra boost so to speak also healing and health benefits 50/50. And i got them from ukpeptides although next lot I buy im going to use purepeptides. I may use cjc with the dac what would you recommend as a starting dose and over how many weeks would you up the dose? Im not wanting a blast type btw... I have read mixed opinions on the stuff some say its awful and is really dangerous for you? Thanks for time aswell it is greatly appreciated?
  8. Ghrp + cjc hgh release

    So really peptides arent a "cheaper source"of hgh like Ive heard your just literally getting less really then with even more pins needed lol. Could I get your opinion of cjc with dac?
  9. Been while since ive been on here thought id come back and ask you guys and hopefully pscarb... Getting a hair transplant done in 2weeks and wondering what would be best for healing up skin wounds as they puncture your head like 4000 times. Hgh or ghrp and possibly tb500 or something different maybe igf?
  10. Help please weak knee

    Exactly as the fella before just said. I also have a weak knee from meniscus tear and fractures up my femur the only way any part of that is going to get better is through surgery. Unfortunately Im not able to get my op done yet Only just realised this was posted over a month ago my bad
  11. Hgh or peptides wound healing

    I will look into that nice1 and didnt even know cbd was available in cream lol they are putting it into everything now. Going to google cbd cream for headaches to im always fookin clenching my jaw from my ritalin
  12. Hgh or peptides wound healing

    Nice1 mate you mean collagen supplements? I always thought those type of supplements would never make its way into your body ill get some hgh ordered to