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  1. The water retention from insulin and hgh messes with me mentally, are there any downsides to using a herbal diuretic like dandelion root to control this? Also, will this eventually pass?
  2. Hi all, 2 quick questions regarding insulin and/or HGH 1. When using insulin to gain muscle (currently breakfast and pre workout) is the goal to use the minimal amount of carbs to prevent a hypo to lessen fat gain? Or should I use the 10iu? Today I was fine with 125g carb for 15iu and to be honest feel like I could lower again. Would I want to redistribute carbs other times of the day? 2. The water retention from insulin and hgh messes with me mentally, are there any downsides to using a herbal diuretic like dandelion root to control this? Cheers
  3. SO you would do the 4iu training days only split? Cheers mate
  4. And stick to running ED?
  5. Hi all, What would be better to run on a gaining phase. My goals with GH are obviously to build muscle (with anabolics and slin) and keep fat gain in check via fasted cardio every day. Due to costs I cannot yet justify 4IU ED. EDIT: I also have a few vials of GHRP2 if this changes anything Thank you
  6. Hey Ben, Sorry to just keep asking you questions, like above I get relaly hesitant to increase food or plan a meal off. If my weight's been stagnant for a few days shall I just go for it and get growing?
  7. You're right, of course you are and I know that. Kind of messed the water retention thing up already adding gh and slin haven't I? Haha I guess that'll drop off though. Thinking about it (I dont have my log to hand) I'm pretty sure I was up to 105kg in a couple of days, so really my weight hasn't moved in almost a week (5 days?) Perfect time to increase? I just want to completely do this off season right and I am always scared to add an off meal or an increase in calories, even when I am almost certain I need it
  8. Yes I worked with a coach mate, but I was in a mentally poor position during prep and we've decided to take a step back and get out of each others hair for a bit. I run things past him of course but there are many ways to gain weight. Since I've never done a true 'Bodybuilding' off season (ex powerlifter) we are just kinda trying what works. However I'm perfectionist and want to get this right. 4k calories on training days I believe are just not cutting it - almost want to take the gh15 approach and just blow up as an experiment, lol. In fact, late shift at work I may go get a meal off. He says youre fine to eat like crap every now and again with tren and gh in the system but i'm sure youre aware of that and how much people disagree with him. I'm in a weird state mentally that I avoid free meals and am scared to push calories. I just worry a little about the water retention - I don't like it. I can see its just water gain by pinching my skin but it's hard mentally you know.
  9. Thank you mate, I think then I'll keep the steak in the last meal and add a few eggs. It should increase fats and add some PUFA and it'll be when the insulin is least active. That said I think I need a calorie increase in general, I feel very drained and if I'm holding a lot of water then I've not really gained much post show at all. I think I may as well use this rebound time to push food hard and grow, especially now the EQ and Test are kicked in fully. Thoughts?
  10. Thank you for the reply mate. Is it not true that fats will get shuttled around the body by the lantus and tend towards fat storage then? How much Polyunsaturated fats should I be aiming for? About the shake, I always have 25-50g intra workout shake as part of my carb intake and this covers the insulin fine as I found out today, so it was not an addition because of the insulin. As for rest days, I did a low carb higher fat approach and felt miserable all day (no lantus). I did drop a kilo overnight though but looked a lot less full. My calories will be down regardless and I was thinking of just removing peri workout extra carbs.
  11. Hey all, Just came off stage at 101kg (can add pics when I get home if needed) and a 9 days later im 105kg. Increasing food intake and I'm now up tp ~550c, 370p ~30f. I have noticable water retention in my abd and quads. My current protocol is as follows: 1g EQ (split into EOD, finished front loading) 1g Test (split into EOD, front loaded to peak at same time as EQ) 100 tren ace (EOD) 40iu Lantus upon waking 3iu GH upon waking. 5iu Novorapid Pre and Post workout. I am not taking an AI on this (yet) as I find that EQ can control the higher test. I'm trying to use this rebound period to make some great gains, hence the big cycle. Today was the first day i did Novorapid pre/post and I used 65g Dextrose in an intraworkout shake, this put my blood sugar post training at 7.8 nmol, so I will use 50g carb power next time (switching to waxy maize). My waking BP is 120-135/65-75 so no concerns there for me My current diet is as follows (all raw weight). M1: 100g ground rice, 2 crumpets, 30g whey, 6 egg whites. Total: ~140c 55p trace fat Pre workout: 100g ground rice 30g whey ~75c 30p trace fat Intra workout (start sipping after Novorapid inj) 50g Dextrose/Wazy Maize, 15g EAA, Creatine. 50c 15p 0f Post Workout 1: (after Novorapid inj) 1 bagel 20g Jam 30g whey ~55c 30p trace fat Post Workout 2: 100g Rice 300g Frozen weight fish. 75c 55p trace fat M2/3/4 200g Rice 600g chicken split in 3 meals + veg. 150c 155p Trace fat. M5 (pre bed): 120g steak 6 egg whites. 0c 50p <10f Total: 545c 390p ~30f. 4000c but will likely need to add more carbs as I'm more active now I'm back at work. I did a low carb (300) rest day and felt miserable and woke up with fasting blood sugars way too low, so likely I'll do rest days the same and just remove the carbs/eaa that I use during Novorapid inj. My questions: Am I right to avoid fats while Lantus is active in my system? Should I do low carb rest days for insulin sentitivity? If not, should I keep lantus in on off days? Is waxy maize a better carb source than dextrose for Novorapid? I have been reading first time GH can cause a lot of water retention. Is this why I'm holding water in the abs/legs? Any other reasons people may see? Any other comments are welcomed Thanks