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  1. Fake gear

    Been a member of this forum for 6 days and it looks like its just mostly for pepole pushing certain labs
  2. Thanks mate that's the plan
  3. Yeah seems like a massive head f**k I'm not doingbad naturally once I shed Down with abs il look great il be happy just to maintain then thanks for your honest advice brother
  4. Yeah that's what I'm saying just seems like a never ending cycle literally lol
  5. After doing loads of research last night I think I'm going stay natural lads
  6. Thanks lads much appreciated
  7. Been training on and off for 4 years i try and eat clean most of the time i follow a push pull leg routine currently 94kg 6ft 1 28 y/o I have a few visble abs so body fat is pretty high what cycle would you lot recommend