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  1. Second cycle?

    Personally I would have gone private, going through the NHS the issue your gonna have is a long waiting period to see your GP, then you have to wait for the blood test then you have to wait for the results which is a long time especially considering they are not going to give you PCT drugs (I could be wrong on this but I have never heard of NHS Docs giving PCT drugs so please correct me if im wrong). Regarding Medichecks mixed ratings some guys report inconsistencies on Finger pr**k Tests vs Venous Samples but this debate on accuracy applies to any place that uses these testing mechanisms. I personally stay away from finger pr**k tests because I did an experiment a month ago where I did 2 finger pr**k tests at the same time with 2 different providers and got different results (I know its a small sample size but I was interested to see if there would a be a difference) . I have attached them as reference (as of this comment I am cruising on 70mg every other day) . If your wondering why I got test and E2 on Medichecks but not on BMH it was because they f**ked up and forgot to test my E2. With venous samples i doubt you will run into this issue. - Balance My Hormones FINGER pr**k - Medichecks (FINGER pr**k) -Medichecks VENOUS SAMPLE 1 month later with no change in dosage TLDR get a venous draw privately or enjoy waiting potentially months to get a result through the NHS Also stay away from BMH I have never had so many issues with a blood test in my life
  2. Masteron

    I like Mast for the feel good factor but like RDX I also get prostate issues so I cant go crazy with it. I don't really know anything about NPP so what is the thought process behind running Mast with it? My guess would be to mitigate high e2 sides from Test + NPP combo (I dont know how much NPP aromatizes if at all but I assume its less then test if it does but potentially enough to cause issues?) Not planning on running it but im interested to know
  3. (Nothing was sent to labs to be tested so this is no inclination of whether these are dosed correctly) From SG Used - Test E: Bloods were as expected (I have Bayer Test E that my doc prescribes so I can compare bloods to it) - Mast E: No issues either - Anavar: Havent used in a while but alot of them crumbled - Injectable Dbol: Got lower back pain within a couple days which is normally what I get on dbol but I regret not getting the oral... SIS Labs (Would stay away personally) - Dbol Oral: did nothing, in the end was taking 10 tabs a day. No BP increase/Water retention/Lower back pain etc:. that you would expect from it. - Sustanon 250: Seemed fine but based on the fact that the dbol was most likely bunk I wouldnt trust it. Dont have pharma grade Sust to compare to so take with a pinch of salt. DG - Left SG gear in cupboard with no light for 60 days hoping it would become DG but was left disappointed
  4. Best cutting compound?

    As said above there isnt really a compound specifically for cutting. However if your question was "What compounds do you like to use while cutting?" I would personally say Anavar or Winstrol alongside a test base, not because of any fat burning effects or anything like that. I just use them because when I cut I normally lose a decent amount of strength which demotivates me so I use Anavar/Winny to maintain strength whilst cutting In this case though I could easily achieve this with test only.
  5. Test E 500mg injection every Monday, could have split it into two injections but I wasnt experienced with needles at the time so I would rather play it safe in that regard. I started Adex 2 weeks into the cycle on injection day (Mon) as well. Before I knew it I was bottomed out but you live and learn As I said previously I would just keep it on hand rather then using it preemptivly because you will feel dreadful if you bottom it out. Dont neccesarily look at bloods in isolation: people are happy when their test levels are through the roof (5-10x normal) but they panic as soon as they see elevated e2 despite having no side effects whatsoever which then leads to them taking AI's to solve a problem that doesnt necessarily exist. A combo of feels and bloods worked the best for me
  6. Like you said everyone is different I just keep the AI on hand and use as necessary as I completely bottomed out my e2 on my first cycle (500mg Test E and 0.5mg Arimidex) and barely gained any size. Libido was non existent Dehydrated 24/7 Pissing all the water I was drinking Skin was so dry just scratching a bit would cause bleeding. Not sure how great this advice is but I normally just use a SERM if any gyno symptoms pop up and have some money in another account to cover surgery if push comes to the shove (Not necessary obviously but its reassuring that if gyno occurs you can look at clearing it up quickly) Enjoy the first cycle, its gonna be a blast! (literally)
  7. oestradiol lab results advice

    My two cents Considering 500mg a week of test 117pmol/l doesnt strike me as high at all. Everyone is different obviously but for me the combination of supraphysiological test levels and e2 in reference range normally gives me low e2 sides (Dry skin/Low libido/Frequent pissing/Constantly dehydrated etc:.). I cant see your tests levels but I can assume that they are most likely quite far above reference range. I dont use ratios myself so cant comment on that The only side effect you had that could potentially correlate to high e2 was low libido but low libido can also be a low e2 side. For me personally my libido is great when e2 is higher When it comes to AI's I normally use them reactively (When high e2 sides occur) rather then preemptively (As soon as cycle starts) because its just too easy to panic based off one symptom and bottom out your e2. If I am ever worried I get bloods done and sometimes use a SERM in the meantime if gyno becomes a potential concern until I get results back. I would guess your AI dose this time is probably too high
  8. Blood results any thoughts?

    If you feel trt is a good option and have the money I would go private. I spent months going round in circles with the NHS before eventually going with the Leger Clinic.I have no clue how good the clinic is in comparison to others because I havent got experience with many! Though I have used Balance My Hormones for blood testing and they are dreadful. My experience with the leger clinic - I paid for two phone consultations (one pre bloods and one post bloods) I think this was roughly £120 as of August 2020 but this may have changed - Sent him my full blood panel -Post bloods he called again and told me he was happy to trial trt on me and gave me a bunch of options Ie:. Gels/Creams/Sustanon/Test E so I went with Test E, he wrote a prescription and that is pretty much it You do pay a monthly subscription to stay under their care as well (£19 a month)