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  1. Will this mess be over now?

    If you would like some unbiased science based facts, I suggest you check out Ivor Cummins on You tube. Ivor is an epodimioligist and bio engineer. He's done a lot of work on Heart disease and it's causes over the years with a great deal of success. His insights into this Pandamic will give you food for taught if nothing else. I won't link his stuff, he's easy to find. As a side note, his work on Cholesterol and Metabolic Syndrome are definitely worth a read.
  2. When will we recover?

    This ends when the old way of life is forgotten. If you need any more information, check out Clause Schwab of the world economic forum, also UN agenda 21. They're now working hand in hand to bring you a new way of life, whether you want it or not.
  3. Hey

    Hello all. Find myself using this forum for all sorts of pointers lately, so taught I'd make it all official like. .