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  1. Let’s be honest.

    I thought we agreed you'd keep quiet about this Scotty Boy.
  2. Best online butchers?

  3. Hamilton

    Yep. Proper little tosspot. Sounds about right. Reminds me of the rapper Akala - bases his whole career on exposing white privilege and black kids having it hard, yet was raised in a school and area where blacks were practically the majority and caused 90% of the trouble. Pair of shitcunts.
  4. Is this thread just Ketones arguing with himself on all his new accounts?
  5. Best online butchers?

    I made one order from muscle foods years ago and the quality was absolute shite. Standard supermarket chicken does me, get it delivered once a week - sorted.
  6. Reading & Leeds Festivals

    I'm all for life going back to normal asap, but having massive festivals this summer seems a little premature.
  7. FREEDOM!!

    Sounds like the end of a typical binge if I've pissed my Mrs off.
  8. You're always involved in some kind of argument! hahaha
  9. This looks like a great watch. I find abandoned places quite interesting, especially places with a lot of history.
  10. I’m a coffee junkie.

    Lol! I drink a lot of coffee but that's mad. Do you sweat a lot? Can't see that being healthy over a long period mate.
  11. I’m a coffee junkie.

    How the hell did your username become an email address?
  12. That's in the final exam.
  13. Well as long as you're alright then, LittleDick, let's let thousands of businesses collapse
  14. Are you washing them at a high temperature? John Lewis are always good for bedding stuff.