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  1. I’m about to squat heavy :(

    You should see the one on Pornhub then, give you the willies that will!
  2. Aaron lambo

    Or it'll provide more BS content for him to post about and act like he's a victim due to his huge success, rather than being an A grade tool.
  3. I'm available most evenings this week, let me know if interested
  4. Blimey that's an extreme way of telling you your prices are too high! (I know it's tragically sad before anyone attacks me)
  5. Covid vaccine.

    It's characters that make forums interesting, the fella seems harmless enough and sticks to his guns, so I think he adds a lot to this place. Also that fella that posts about ass holes and dildos is definitely a sandwich short of a picnic (or more likely a troll) but again it's only a forum, without them it'd be bland as hell.
  6. James Haskell. Natty or not?

    I have a mate who's a pro, not UFC level but trains at a very well respected gym. He said it's riddled with AAS. Only time they're not on is in the build up to a fight apparently.
  7. Feel like watching a movie. Help

    Another vote for Good Will Hunting - great film.
  8. I might put my tree up this evening, you've really got me in the Christmas spirit!
  9. Weights delivery problem

    Check their nearest depot, might be easier to pick them up on your way home from work.
  10. Do you still believe this horse s**t.

    Tim fu**ing Laden? You've gotta be on a wind up?
  11. You have to choose

    Nah he'd be a s**t shag, too robotic.
  12. You have to choose

    Probably the little fucker. I'd pop him in a shopping bag, hang it on a coat hook, cut a little hole out then just wack it through there whilst closing my eyes. 30 seconds later jobs a good'un.
  13. Kicked off in the Bank

    You do come across as a very mild mannered, balanced chap. Did you ride the hoover home or take the bus?
  14. Super noodles or pot noodle

    I used to have a pack of super noodles with a tin of tuna and tin of sweetcorn with peppers, decent enough if you're buying lunch from a convince store. Haven't had it for years though. Chicken and sweetcorn pot noodles are nice but it's shitty food, so don't have them too often.
  15. Who should die first!

    2. TikTok/Instagram types would be first in line though, if possible.