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  1. has anyone thought about suicide?

    Definitely a Ketones account imo.
  2. What would you spend 1400kcals on

    You call it superhuman, I call it cocaine
  3. Have a virtual beer on me, what a cracking post
  4. What would you spend 1400kcals on

    My fave cheat meal is a large tandoori hot Dominoes with a big garlic and herb dip, absolute killer on the calories unfortunately
  5. And this is why so many companies resort to using zero hour contracts or offer the bare minimum in terms of sick pay or benefits. What a terrible attitude to have towards gainful employment.
  6. Women don’t like muscles.....

    I think it's his older brother, Malfunction.
  7. Women don’t like muscles.....

    He's a decent looking guy but that was mental! I'd be banging everything in sight if it came that easily. Lucky bastard
  8. Women don’t like muscles.....

    the ones @jimmydeen posted are a good example
  9. Women don’t like muscles.....

    Never met a woman who likes a lump over a decent physique. Kazza was bang on, women absolutely are attracted to the slim, slightly muscled build with visible abs. I'd go as far to say 90%+ prefer this look. Like anything there will always be exceptions.
  10. Women don’t like muscles.....

    Just walking with a bit of navigation involved. Probably be quite enjoyable though tbh.
  11. How covid getting on regarding gyms?

    I now insist on cleaning the equipment after attractive women have finished their set. Getting rather fed up with having to explain my tongue is a bona fide disinfectant.
  12. Do you think this is real or fake

    I enjoy this type of thing too, nothing wrong with watching if you enjoy it. Can never find anything decent on Netflix nowadays anyway. Haven't watched any of it for a while, I usually watch a load then go back a few months later and watch the new ones. Not seen that particular channel before though.
  13. Got a letter from doctor =/

    Bet that's really put his mind at ease...
  14. Canelo vs Saunders - fight prediction

    Canelo wins all day long. Probably by KO. Saunders is a good fighter but he's just not at his level.
  15. Poor body image - mental health

    Just had a quick scroll through the article and that's exactly what I thought. Ironically, the guy moaning about the pressures of having to look good for Instagram has a photo filtered to f**k - people seeing that will feel the exact same unrealistic pressures he's complaining about. I'm not on any of these apps so I don't see the BS, but I know tiktok, Instagram and those type of apps are about portraying an unrealistically positive reflection of your life, so anyone on there should be willing to play the game or quit bitching.