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  1. So I've managed to get a test done by the GP, he said it came back at 16 which is reassuring - need to see which exact one he's referring to though. I guess I just need to train and eat harder, but I think if I did go on a cycle of test my natural levels aren't too low to back to?
  2. "We therefore speculate that testosterone replacement in men with NAFLD and low blood testosterone levels will reduce liver fat. We will study 10 men with NAFLD and some inflammation or scarring (proven on liver biopsy performed for clinical diagnosis) and who have mildly reduced testosterone levels. We will see if giving a 12 month course of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) to these men will lessen the severity of their liver damage. " https://www.hra.nhs.uk/planning-and-improving-research/application-summaries/research-summaries/terepins-testosterone-replacement-in-non-alcoholic-steatohepatitis/
  3. Thanks for all of the information, I've called the doctors to try and get them to test my testosterone but it's proving difficult. I'm fairy certain the low testosterone is linked to my elevated ALT's and potential liver problems. But of course, I'm not doctor so don't want to get in self diagnosing my self on google - but there's quite a lot of research showing a link "In males, testosterone deficiency is associated with increased VAT and insulin resistance,[8] and testosterone replacement in this setting has been found to reduce fat deposition;[" https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4577238/
  4. I thought i'd check some old photos to see if any difference, 9 years on I really don't see much muscle gain. Pic 1 : 2010 Pic 2: 2020 Pic 3: 2011 after a 12 week heavy cut for a transformation comp (did manage to win it) I've gone to really low body fat , but still don't think i've added lean mass. Am I just overthinking this and blaming these low test results? I like to think I train well, eat well... hmm
  5. So I went to see a private doctor, he was a bit of an arrogant tw*t I showed him the results and he said finger pr**k tests don't mean anything so he wouldn't consider them. Then proceeded to say "I'm not even sure why you're even here". W*nker I am cutting now as I want to have a more lean body, but before when I wasn't I never felt like i was making gains in strength or physically.
  6. I have booked to go to a private doctor in a couple of hours, I have my blood results from my doctors. It's my 'Serum alanine aminotransferase' levels which seem to be of concern. I can't help but think it's all linked, and I don't really want to wait 3 weeks to find out as they haven't being that useful thus far, even with the B12 injections they weren't of much help. Would correcting my levels be through medication or lifestyle? I don't really drink, i'm active, train 4-5 times a week, good diet and my weight isn't too high. But as mentioned, coming off of steroids could cause it to dip even further
  7. Pretty much that fish is my only 'meat' source, so no red meats, chicken, turkey, pork etc. What is the range for the NHS? Can't seem to find the info. Yeah, a valid point about when coming off. I'm currently losing weight, about 85kg (7kg down in 12 weeks) and 6ft. I feel my build is okay, but then again I do feel like i work my arse off for minimum gains (But don't we all feel like that aha). and also feel i hold on to stubborn fat a lot more (not sure if linked or just excuses :-D) - I have a feeling it could be diabetes. Elevated liver enzymes, multiple enlarged lymph nodes in groin, runs in the family and now low test. Called the doctors, earliest appointment is in 3 weeks which i've booked in for.
  8. I'm 30 years old, my goals are of course to increase lean muscle mass and change my body composition. Because of my Crohn's I am often tired, I give my self B12 injections to help with this as my body doesn't absorb B12 as I had that part of my intestine removed. The NHS didn't really help with this so bought my own B12 abroad. I have elevated LFT's at the moment which is under investigation (Not sure if linked). Pescatarian, being training for 10 years on and off. Being training regular for the last 2 years
  9. I'm struggling to find info on what they may indicate, I've never used steroids although I did take prednisolone over 15 years ago for my Crohn's. But not sure if that would have effected it. It does seem low, however it says it's normal - struggling to find information about what these results could mean. The reason for taking the test is because i'm considering a cycle of Test-E... Any help would be appreciated
  10. Yo yo yo

    Frequent lurker, but with sign-up forms involving less effort these days I thought I'd take the plunge and get involved. Started with iron plates passed down from my grandad, to my dad and then on to me at 16 years old (13 years ago), which kickstarted my lifting. Suffer from Crohn's disease so was always skinny (don't seem to have much problems with keeping weight on now, mind ) Around 9 years ago I won a transformation competition, featured in Men's Health and a few other magazines and websites. Then I found women, alcohol and pablo's dandruff and fell off the wagon for 7 years. The last 2-3 years i've being training consistently but with a quite an inconsistent diet and still binge drinking. Since lockdown I've cut out the boozing further, and got my diet fairly solid while maintaining some kind of lifestyle. Also become pescatarian along the way. I've being toying with the idea of joining the dark side and getting on the test-E train, in no rush - plenty of reading to do. Currently 85kg Cheers
  11. Vitamin b12 injections

    I've had large part of my intestines removed, and found out after 16 years that it was the part which absorbs B12. So i've had pretty much zero b12 for a decade and a half... The NHS weren't really much use and prescribed me the absolute minimum, i did some research and apart from perhaps unbalancing some of my other levels there isn't too much sides so I had a friend ship some from Spain as you can get it over the counter there. I did 2ml ED for 7 days and then 2ml E2D for 10 days, and now I do 2ml every month. I certainly feel a lot better, but i think i had a lot more room for improvement due to my seriously low levels.