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  1. Anyone use LA Muscle?

    Thanks mate! will definitely stay away from LA haha, lesson learned! I've had 2 sessions at the gym, and oh my god I knew i'd been neglecting myself for a long time, but I didn't think I was this bad! I had about 10kg on either side for most of the exercises (less for others) and I couldn't manage a full 12 reps after the first sets and i've been in agony this weekend lol, thats what I get for being lazy. Just hope it's not TOO long until theres some noticeable progress
  2. Anyone use LA Muscle?

    Thanks mate, I might try the reflex protein when i need to stock up again then if thats ok? I wasn't going to admit it, but I actually have a tub of LA whey at the minute i'm using haha. I thought it was pretty good at 40g of protein a pop, but that reflex has 60g! i'd never even heard of them until just now lol
  3. Anyone use LA Muscle?

    I dont really know tbh mate, I have my first session back at the gym in almost 10 years in 45 minutes. When I went as a teenager i was taking whey, creatine, a testosterone booster and nitric oxide. but i'll admit i'm pretty clueless with it all now im back at square 1, so don't really know which brands are best and which supplements are just total BS
  4. Anyone use LA Muscle?

    Hi guys, Hope all are okay? I was wondering if anybody knows or uses LA Muscle supplements? They claim to be the best on the market, with price tags to match. Does anyone use them that can vouch they are worth the money or is it just a rip off? I have also been looking at Animal brand, like Stak, Pump and Test. I could get all of those from Animal for around £120 per month, whereas from LA, is £70/£80 per product for a month supply, so if you got a protein, a creatine and a testosterone booster for example, that would be like £240 p/m! Thanks guys