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  1. I've started properly going gym for 4 months now and have got a proper routine, 4/5 days a week... I was very skinny at 62kg 6'1, I am now 72kg purely from gym and protein shakes... I have now implemented a diet, its not perfect but I have done a fair bit of research and am using an app to calculate my calorie/protein intake. I have gone from 1000 or less calories a day to 2800/3000 a day with about 150-180g of protein per day. I have been on this 2800/3000 calorie diet for 4 days so far. I know I wont see any progress straight away but I am wondering when I will see improvement by continuing this diet with my gym routine? If any of you are interested in my before and present pictures from gym I'd be glad to show you. Any tips will be appreciated whether its about my diet or just gym in general.