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  1. Corona cough, anybody had it?

    Is Corona cough what you get when your lemonade goes down the wrong way.
  2. Abs bench advice

    Been doing sit ups on a very old multi bench (Rod Judge) by propping up one end and using the preacher attachment for my feet. Now finding it very awkward as I have to hold ever increasing weight plates above my head and movement is limited. Having spent some time looking at various low cost options many seem to have poor reviews, too short (I'm 6'1"), poor quality etc. Unfortunately there are no shops near me that stock home equipment I can go look at/try, just one that supplies gym/pro stuff. I'm looking for a fold up abs bench, ideally one that can be used for back extensions too, any recommendations? Or plans to build one.
  3. Hello

    Greetings all, not new to a bit of iron pumping recently re-started. Progress has been better then expected considering my age 68, though my joints disagree.