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  1. Tren sides

    you forgot tranny loving as a side.
  2. correct me if i am wrong but do you get deca dick when you have deca higher than your test ?
  3. found a great youtube video for people who find it hard to calculate dosages etc ,check it out. How to Calculate Your TRT Dose for any Injection Frequency
  4. What i would like to see is what you look like after 5 years blast mate.
  5. what are your strength levels at ie bench/squat/dead etc ?
  6. Medichecks

    is the offer over as i cant see it anymore.
  7. Medichecks

    do you know when the use by is mate ?
  8. Best orals

    Probably got messaged by a rep.
  9. more you squeeze and play with dem titties the more will come so leave them well alone mate.
  10. So you would need ai if you are a high aromotiser.
  11. I thought masteron just masked e2 symptons not actually decreased it ?
  12. Anadrol

    I think you have no business taking AAS if you dont even know ml/mg .....
  13. https://www.steroidplotter.com/ is your friend.
  14. you do know that you break open the ampoules and take the test in a big syringe and then backfill into a a insulin one and then pin at whatever dosage you want/need.
  15. he is a fraud and a snitch ,also does anything for the views/money.