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  1. So simple question really and its when you pay for your gear online whether its bitcoin, money transfer, bank transfer , BJ etc if the guy is gonna scam you with bunk gear or not even send then I take it ,it dont matter how you pay as there is no real comeback apart from letting other people aware of the vendor.
  2. very good transformation mate especially the shoulders,traps and biceps, you look stronger than what you can actually lift and I mean that in a good sense. ps - what was your weights before and after cycle ?
  3. would love to also know how much your lifts progressed as well.
  4. So whats with these labs selling pct reset tabs containing nolva.clomid,proviron and some even cialis ?
  5. Estrogen naturally high?

    mine is 154 and test is 25.5 , as long as you dont have any ill effects it should not matter.
  6. whats your squats and deadlifts and ohp at ?
  7. Hi All , So did a blood test last week in preparation for a beginner steroid cycle and the results came in and and some results seem out of whack and my test seems higher than I thought. Also i have added the doctors note. Hello Taiko, Thank you for choosing Medichecks to monitor your health. Overall, your results are healthy however, there are a few areas which are out of range or could be optimised and are worth discussing in more detail You have slightly small red blood cells with a low MCH. Small red cells can be associated with anaemia and there are a number of possible causes. As your iron status is normal, the next step is to check for abnormal haemoglobin (such as that found in thalassaemia) with a haemoglobin electrophoresis test. You have low serum folate. I recommend increasing your intake of folate rich foods such as broccoli, brussels sprouts, asparagus, peas, chickpeas and brown rice. You may also want to consider an over the counter folate supplement. Your uric acid level does not place you at risk of gout (low is okay). Your CK level is high, indicating either having high muscle mass, or engaging in heavy exercise or a protein rich meal prior to testing. Yours is only slightly raised today and not concerning. You have a slightly high level of creatinine. This is used to calculate your estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR). Your eGFR is 60 which is borderline. I recommend repeating your test within the next 3 months. Please take care to drink a normal amount of water before your test as dehydration can cause high creatinine levels. Your basophil level is slightly high. Common causes for this include a recent infection and mild allergy. At this level there is no cause for concern. Your results are otherwise very good. You have healthy liver function, low inflammation and sufficient levels of iron, vitamin D and active B12. All your results for your thyroid profile are within the normal ranges. Your thyroid hormones are normal as are your thyroid antibodies revealing no evidence of autoimmune thyroid disease. Your serum cortisol level is within normal limits making a disorder of your cortisol production unlikely. Your hormone profile is normal with healthy levels of FSH, LH, DHEAs and Testosterone. Your protein levels are also normal and thus your calculated free testosterone level is within the normal healthy range. Your oestradiol and prolactin are normal. Your cholesterol profile is excellent with healthy levels of protective HDL cholesterol and normal levels of unhealthy LDL cholesterol. Your HbA1c is normal indicating that you do not have diabetes. Best Wishes,
  8. Ok guys you are right , I will do it but I have decided on the compromise to lean down to at least 15% then do a cycle not BnC, as doing it now at a high bf makes zero sense.
  9. Pretty sure he meant peak or trough as in bloods done before injection or after.
  10. looks like you have convinced me mate ,gonna hop on after ordering some needles and see how I get on , will keep you updated here
  11. I agree with everything that's been said here but I am an impatient sod and want to look better now before I am 50 than grind for another few years to get there , I also want to maximize my recovery using the test as i do long hours at work and want that boost. I can get steady supply of test so thats no issue. Hmmm, ok will hold fire and think a bit longer before hopping on ,thanks for all the input guys.
  12. So you are saying blast and then pct rather than blast and cruise, or cruise and blast and then cruise ?
  13. Hi All , I am a 47 year old male , weigh 79kg , 5.7 foot (173cm) , BF% roughly is 20% and i have been working out a few years but still in beginner stages as my lifts are still a bit low . 1RM's are ( Poverty Bench is 90kg , Squat is 150kg , Deadlift is 195 kg , OHP is 70kg ) currently on a pplppl rest split. I did blood test last year via my gp and everything was normal, test was 17.4 nmol/L at 82.6kg , I tested it recently and its 19.3 nmol/L , no idea about free test though. I will do this test before hopping on to see where I am at https://medichecks.com/products/sports-hormone-check-plus-blood-test So this leads to my question which is I want to go on trt and do 100/150 mg every week and concentrate on losing fat to get to maybe 12/15% BF and then do the 500g beginner cycle and then go back to cruise at 100/150mg. The reason i want to cruise is that I am done with kids and am old enough to to want to keep it going if it makes me feel better and saying that , I want do do this only for the gym and for better recovery etc. I have a few vials of test and adex at hand already , just need some needles. So what would your advice me for an old fogey