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  1. Where do I find one of these transsexuals, will the doctor prescribe me one if I tell him I have symptoms of mr floppy?
  2. Who wouldn't be ashamed of mr floppy ??
  3. Its more because I don't actually mind mr floppy as I hope it will pass and dont wanna create a pshycological reliance on ciallis but ill probably just chuck a few in my pill box and forget about it
  4. I kinda knew the answer but I just want to hear other people admit to mr floppy on PCT so I dont feel like such a BETA
  5. Is this a normal thing? Hahah Just tapering down my hcg to start clomid and nolva next week and seem to be getting ole mr floppy but it was fine up untill now I dont wanna use cialis as would rather just ride it out but is this a sign of anything negative or is this a normal thing most people see?
  6. Pregnyl - MSD?

    Will warn you dude I did 2x pregnancy test with my stuff that looks same as yours and came back negative so I ordered some HUCOG instead which is the only other HCG I can seem to find atm!
  7. Pregnyl - MSD?

    Top man mate just got a few preg tests to check!!
  8. Pregnyl - MSD?

    Hey Is this stuff faked or is it g2g? Also will I need to draw into pins and freeze? If so how will I unfreeze when injecting Thanks G
  9. Road To Recovery Log (1.5 Year B&C)

    Its not gonna be the quickest recovery wise, however it will show me exactly what is what, no guesswork! Thanks for the input bro
  10. Whats up people So after 1.5 years blast and cruising and not enjoying the side effects/hassle i have decided to PCT and attempt HPTA recovery I am 25 85kg Around 12-15 percent bodyfat Whole food diet dont eat too much s**t etc I will be following Dr Dean's Recovery as follows and will update along the way maybe once a week There isn't much info on here about how people get on in PCT so I thought I'd share how I get on throughout the whole process If you don't give a f**k then don't read its all good! Protocol - Wait 5 Weeks for drugs to clear (Enanthate 500mg) then get a blood test - If LH, FSH and Testosterone dont raise naturally to a decent level introduce 2000iu EOD HCG 25mg Aromasin EOD For 20 days - Another Blood Test to check again if Testes start working with the use of HCG - If successfully then continue with 50mg Clomid ED 20mg Nolva ED For around 5 weeks Any input is appreciated and where people might say HCG is pointless as it will still suppress the HPTA after drugs are cleared, it makes sense because at least then I will know exactly what is or isn't working to determine if Primary or Secondary Hypogonadism has occurred The additional temporary shutdown is worth it rather than completing a whole pct and not getting anywhere because I have primary hypogonadism. Also the bloodwork is the only thing i think here that will show me whats happening Hopefully the protocol goes smoothly and gets me firing again but well see I'm not a doctor or overly clued up but ive done my research and this seems to be the way that looks the smartest and safest option, please correct me if I'm wrong
  11. Don't do it, I did tren on my second "blast" and the side effects are the reason I'm stopping AAS. In my opinion you only need tren when competing at high levels, and when your competing at higher levels the likelihood is you will have smarter people around you to be able to run it safely with YOUR body. You can get great results without tren, which I think is something overlooked Also when you start tren, that eliminates the ladder for other AAS, why not build a more sustainable physique maybe at 95% of the speed rather than risking your health for that extra 5 percent Just my two cents, I have tried everything and highly regret certain decisions
  12. Wow thats good to hear bud, how long did your recovery take and did you use anything PCT wise?
  13. Thank you for the vote of confidence mate, everyone is saying that, its nice to get that anxiety taken away as you can probably imagine the unknown future is a bit worrying but with people comments it seems as tho ill be just fine!
  14. Haha thanks captain, will update in a few months If anyones interested!
  15. Just watching some of it now, the bunny boiler is class