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  1. Bunk test gear?

    Yeh you won’t keep any of it mate.
  2. Receptor Chem is probably the most legit U.K. source
  3. sibutramine... oh man

    Glucomannan kills my appetite.
  4. 52 Nmol on 2ml sust? Sounds under dosed
  5. 2 months off

    Where you getting your mk from? Thinking of trying some on my cruise to maintain size and keep gaining
  6. Cutting on trt dose of 150mg test e with home training.
  7. You will eventually return to the level of muscle you had pre cycle. How fast that happens depends on diet and training/PCT but you will eventually end up at baseline. This is assuming you went over your genetic potential. You can’t maintain muscle beyond your potential with your natural testosterone levels.
  8. Water retention on 150mg test

    No I was not asking about diet in terms of body composition you moron, I was asking about water retention manipulation. Who the f**k is JP ? show me your physique if your diet is immaculate?
  9. Water retention on 150mg test

    I’m not asking about diet buddy. My diet is nailed to a T. JP would be asking ME for diet advice. I’m simply asking about water retention associated with the use of anabolics having any affect on hiding definition on an already lean person.
  10. Water retention on 150mg test

    Yeh of course. But say I get to 8%. Will the layer of water prevent me from looking as lean as I should?
  11. Water retention on 150mg test

    What sort of diet would suit a reduction in water retention?
  12. Water retention on 150mg test

    Cheers. Am I still able to look shredded on a trt test dosage? Assuming I’m lean enough etc or will the definition always be covered by some water retention?
  13. Come off superdrol and 300mg test blast recently and coming down to 150mg test e a week. Going to lean down a bit using this dose. Reason being I don’t want to hold any water. Would this dose still hold water if my diet is decent or would an ai be needed? 150g carbs max from whole foods. Experiences? Cheers