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  1. Gyms opening!!!

    You don’t need a gym to make gains on gear. Especially at the doses you lads are running. Improvise I got in the best shape of my life during the last lockdown with nothing but bands, a pull-up bar and a positive mindset.
  2. Protein does spike insulin levels FYI. A Surplus is a surplus and you won’t gain any more fat eating eating the majority of them calories as carbs. You have gained fat because your calories were too high. Simple.
  3. Why would cutting out carbs make you stay lean? Eating the same amount of calories in protein and fats as you would with carbs would cause you to gain the same amount of fat. Assuming you are over your maintenance. Stop spreading nonsense
  4. Nipples on Tren and test

    Now show us ya co.ck
  5. Tren only cycle

    People are quick to blame drugs for it and then take a s**t Load more of powerful drugs to combat it when most if not all of it can be controlled with lowering body fat and cleaning up their diet.
  6. Tren only cycle

    Water retention is all diet related.
  7. Best labs

    You have had bunk pharmacom? Used for years mate never once had a bad batch. That’s unheard of.
  8. I don’t understand how a sample taken from a vein could be inaccurate? Or am I missing something. Never had an issue with them personally.
  9. Fake pharmacom sus 300?

    Scrap that. Used the wrong verification site. Notice the website address. Naughty!
  10. Used pharmacom for years now and never had a code come back as fake. I have attached images. Bought from a trusted online review source we all know of. Thoughts?
  11. What Adex dose would you use when cruising at 300mg sus a week? 1mg taken on day of shot enough?
  12. Tren only cycle

    Why not use a TRT dose for basic function? 150mg a week..
  13. Phentermine

    If that’s the case let’s all stay natural and build our physiques slower using a bit of old fashioned“willpower”
  14. Phentermine

    I haven’t a clue why it appeared as a question mark. Was meant to be a laughing emoji!