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  1. Yeah probably going to stick to my thigh i have had better luck with this method
  2. For the life of me i keep trying glute injections and every time i do it i keep getting it wrong and start to experience intense pain like a huge hard lump close to the surface of my skin, i have watched numerous youtube videos on how to do this and i still keep getting it wrong, i know it can be the substance, bad injection technique and a few other factors trying it again on my right glute tommoz and i can only hope i get it right
  3. Hey gents, 5th injection was not as pain free as i originally thought, not long after my previous post started to hurt again where it was unconformable to roll over in bed, 6th injection left glute upper outter quadrant with a blue need slight pain but i can imagine it getting so much worse over the next few days. What am i doing wrong why can i not get my glute injections right, maby cause most of my fat is stored in that area and im not hitting the muscle with the needle? and that brings me on to another question" if i miss the muscle but the fluid goes in does it still act the same but just with pain or isit less effective if you dont get a IM injection properly. Hope to hear from you soon, just want to know why i cant do it correctly
  4. Thanks man thats what i thought, i keep feeling just to make sure with 3 fingers feeling for lumps but none there so far so all good
  5. 5th injection right glut, hardly noticeable much better with a blue needle How ever i did stop taking Tbol as i notice on it my nipples get really hard and constant stiff without it my nipples are fine Not sure how this is possible as apparently Tbol is not meant to cause gyno, I believe its not gyno as its all gone back to normal anyone want to enlighten me on this? 6th injection is on Wednesday
  6. First/Last Cruise

    Following this post keep us updated!
  7. 4th injection left glut, slight ache nothing to uncomfortable but this time i used a blue needle while sat down on the edge of the bath tub, feel great no side effects so far and soon will take a medicheck test to see how my hormones are doing during my cycle of 500mg of Test E a week. In the future i will make a summary of my experiences and lessons to share with others to make better informed decisions
  8. That what i think it was to much of a small pin. Yeah same experience orange in the quads no problem but for the glutes it did not work, switched to blue for gluts and no problem
  9. Gyno help

    Hey man how old are you? How many times have you taken tren? just curious and your body fat %?
  10. Day 11, 3rd injection site left quad a bit tender and sore when bending, did not respond aswel and the right quad did, 4th injection site on Sunday left glut will keep posted
  11. Nice matt A lot to learn from this thread
  12. Every 5 days meaning?

    Day 1 Pin Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Pin Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Day 10 Pin Timing is not that important within the day but if you can keep it at the same time if you miss a day it dont matter just continue and do every 5 days from your last pin
  13. Side effect

    This is probably true and has alot of merit but if you were that worried to go to a doctor you better of telling him or diagnosing your self and gauge it from there?