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  1. CBD oil

    I smoke CBD bud and it has been a game changer for me with my anxiety. Start of this year I was taking benzos or zops every night to sleep. Since I started smoking a spliff of the cbd bud before bed I pretty much haven't needed the sleepers or benzos at all
  2. Any photographers?

    Nikon d3400 is a great entry level camera. Really simple and user friendly to get used to the different settings. It comes with a good all rounder lens to get you started for around £400. There's also loads of tutorials on YouTube specifically for the d3400 so you can advance really quickly with it
  3. Peanut butter....

    Meridian crunchy rich roast
  4. Trance mix for the gym

    When we started taking pills late 90's they Mitzis were standard, always there for the first 3/4 years. But there was others too that were just as good and occasionally better, doves, green triangles etc. Mitzis just seemed to sum up the nostalgia from the era. I've been getting Dutch pills for years that are easily as strong, if not stronger (sometimes too strong that they mong you out) than pills from that era but they lack that empathy and loved up feeling that made pills so special from back then.
  5. Trance mix for the gym

    You got them on line pal? . Can't see them on your soundcloud. I see you've liked that guys tribute to Carl Cox fantazia big bang mix, that Cox mix is probably my most listened to mix of all time, 25 years I've been blasting that fucker
  6. Trance mix for the gym

    Defo mate, the best times! Used to love Hard House back in the day too, sundissential, insomniacz, storm, twist, trade etc. Crazy weekends, flat out from Friday til Monday morning then crawl Into in a complete fu**ing heap
  7. Trance mix for the gym

    Just had a flick through there mate, some stone cold trance classics on there. Reminds me of being off my nut on Es back in the day.
  8. Any decent autobiographies to read?

    Scar tissue by Anthony keidis - singer from red hot chilli peppers
  9. Mushrooms?

    Nice! Used the grow them too, years ago. Even when I had a home grow of Thai or columbian shrooms I still always went local picking, liberty's have always been my favourite
  10. Mushrooms?

    All about liberty caps right now, in the next few weeks it's time to hit the hills and stock up for the rest of the year!
  11. Best sleepers on the NHS

    I've been trying to get a benzo prescription to cover me for tests in work but everytime I go to the doctor they offer me everything else but benzos!
  12. Best sleepers on the NHS

    Depends on your tolerance. If you have no tolerance then (as invisible kid said above) start as low as possible. 2.5mg of diazepam or .25/.5mg of Xanax (Alprazolam) Defo not for long term use as they are wicked addictive and dont take long to become completely dependant on
  13. Best sleepers on the NHS

    Diazepam does work really well, I get random tests in work though so can't have them as they stay in your system for weeks
  14. Best sleepers on the NHS

    7.5mg zopiclone are available on nhs prescription and knock me out cold when I take one