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  1. Injury and steroids

    Thanks guys. Messages received! Train legs Order some dbol. Week off work Haha
  2. Injury and steroids

    I definitely hear the latter suggestion haha
  3. Injury and steroids

    @stuey99 Would you really recommend dbol over anavar? I've never tried it, worried about looking bloated. My mate took it once and looked like a balloon, kinda put me off. @invisiblekid They weren't touching the sides, unfortunately. I've been given solpadol and naproxen, should be fun :-D
  4. Injury and steroids

    Haha. It's apparently soft tissue damage under my collar bone. The GP suggested I take at least a week off. To be fair, I couldn't train even if I wanted to with it :-(
  5. Hi all, I've been running 300mg test for 6 weeks and 100mg anavar for 2 weeks now but I've just been injured and told to take a week off training. Would you guys keep running things as normal or come down or off for the week?
  6. SG Anavar

    I can't comment on the dosing but the tablets are not crumbly unless you try to split them.
  7. SG Anavar

    Hi guys, Starting using 50mg anavar tabs from SG. Has anyone used this and how are you finding it? I had a great sense of well being the first few days but now I feel nothing when I take it and I'm a little paranoid it's not right. Thanks
  8. Anavar and libido

    Thanks for the reply. Have you had any experience with SG anavar?
  9. Anavar and libido

    I'm on day 2 of taking 50mg and I feel like He-Man
  10. Anavar and libido

    In other words stop over thinking it
  11. Anavar and libido

    Thanks for this advice. I'll just take the 1 x 50mg tab then. When is best to take it? In the morning or before training?
  12. Anavar and libido

    It has a 12 hour half life, should I not be splitting my 50mg dose every 12 hours for optimal results?
  13. Anavar and libido

    You weren't kidding. I've just split one and it turned to dust ? This may be a dumb question but I'm guessing it still works in powder form?
  14. Southern ghost

    Yeh exactly. This is exactly what I was hoping for from the test. I can proceed with confidence for the cost of a £50 blood test.
  15. Southern ghost

    Yeah I'd agree with that, I wouldn't do what I did. I was using pharma and moved to SG. I was just paranoid so I did the bloods.