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  1. Medicash

    Hi gents, Hoping this may benefit someone. Through my work I have an account with medicash. They reimburse for dental costs etc. I contacted them and sent them the receipts for my medichecks blood tests (email to medichecks and they sent them to me) along with an email my doctor gave me, and they will reimburse me up to £500 per year for blood tests. They are currently considering my doctor consultation cost as well ? Worth taking a look at your employee benefits. Cheers
  2. Injection and syringe choice

    Brilliant thanks guys. What's the best place to get them from?
  3. Hi all, I'm wondering what people's experience is with injecting test enanthate IM or SubQ. I'll be injecting 125mg/0.5ml per week. I see a lot of guys use insulin pins for this. Im thinking of going for 1 inch 27g for injecting. Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated as always Cheers
  4. Expected levels

    That's brilliant. How would you increase estrogen?
  5. Expected levels

    Yeah 11.4 total 0.23 free
  6. Expected levels

    This is great, thank you. Do you feel good on those levels? That's interesting, do you remember how far this was taken from your last injection?
  7. Hi again, Thanks for all the comments on my last post, it has helped incredibly. This is purely for curiousity. I'm starting at 125mg/week Test E for trt, nothing else. I realise everyone is different but what kind of levels are people experiencing on this dose, or similar dose? Thanks
  8. Test E cost

    That was the approximate private price.
  9. Test E cost

    I'm definitely going to consider your suggestions. I'll just need to do some research to find a trusted source.
  10. Test E cost

    Really not sure why it's so expensive. I phoned round 6 chemists and they were all shocked at how much 1ml was. The cost of prescription test E almost makes paying for clinics like bmh or optimale attractive because they supply test cyp.
  11. Test E cost

    125mg/week to start.
  12. Test E cost

    Haha no problem. This thread has been very useful. Thanks for all your comments.
  13. Test E cost

    Haha that would be a great idea. I could be wrong but I'm sure he said around £4 for 1ml.
  14. Test E cost

    That was the cheapest! I got quoted £65 from one chemist.
  15. Test E cost

    Thank you, that's really helpful mate.