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  1. Choosing a first event

    Thanks for the response. That makes a lot of sense. The age categories was somethin on my mind and the idea of entering at novice makes sense. Cheers.
  2. Choosing a first event

    I'm looking for some advise or pointers on choosing a first event - Google throws up so many options it's a minefield. By way of background, I'm soon to be 42 and been training S&C most of my adult life on and off. I've ran marathons, ultras, done Ironman and strength based challenges. But never considered bodybuilding as a specific goal - within fitness its the one area I have an itch left to scratch. 5'8" and hover around 200lbs and currently about 18% BF. Are there any online resources, blogs or articles that provide breakdown or comparison of the different federations, classes, drug policies etc? Some of the key questions I guess I'm trying to answer are, where would I best fit (first timer / novice, masters - some of the age categories are quite broad, which evets are tested for PED's and which aren't or only test on the day - I have in the past used PED's and wouldn't want to fall foul of any requirement for a lifetime clean (I think this is a WADA policy adhered to by some federations) etc I'm in the process of talking with a few prep coaches, which I hope will help, but would like to research as much as possible in advance. Thanks...
  3. Aye aye

    Cheers TERBO
  4. Aye aye

    Hi folks, 40 something and been training on and off since I was a teen. Back at it with new vigor now I'm getting older - the OH has recently got into lifting and BBing so I'll be looking for pointers to help her journey too.