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  1. Cheap Pre Workout

    Never tried that before, but I am using an organic protein shake that I get from here https://sportsinside.co.uk/products/green-origins-organic-protein-shake-cacao-maca-250g . Its taste is good, and it's highly effective in strengthening muscles. I will give that a try soon.
  2. Diet Advice for Bulking

    Sleeping pattern must be corrected if you are planning to push hard into the gym. No matter what goal you have in mind. Sleep helps you in believing yourself that you are worthy of achieving that goal. I think determination of achieving the goal is the most important part of achievement.
  3. Lifestyle advises for a beginner

    I've been on the path of changing my lifestyle for six months. The major hurdle that I face between me and my goal is eating junk foods, which has become my habit and it feels hard to overcome it. I've tried many ways of eating healthy making and following a diet plan is one of them. The good thing is that I am still on path with lot of determination and I'm motivated that one day I will overcome my habits to become the better version of myself.
  4. Gaining

    I am sorry if my information isn't sounds correct, because it was based on my personal experience, which might be wrong or correct in some ways. If you have the solution of loosing fat at particular area of body let say belly, then please share that with me.
  5. Gaining

    If no exercise will burn those fats, then what can be the appropriate way of getting rid of extra fat on body? May be its related to diet or the combination of both.
  6. Gaining

    I've no idea about how exactly you look like, but from experience I can say that doing exercises like bicycle crunches, elliptical training and vertical leg crunch can be helpful in loosing belly fat. You should keep your posture correct while doing exercises to prevent injuries.