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    Love2lift31 reacted to stuey99 in Test heptylate   
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    Love2lift31 reacted to monkeybiker in Cold / flu on cycle   
    Don't take my comment too seriously 
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    Love2lift31 reacted to MrBrightside in Who's going back to the gym first day then?   
    Yes. Jabbing tonight to prepare myself!! 
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    Love2lift31 reacted to Wildkid in Intexpharma?   
    No but have you tried:
    Southern Ghost
    Dark Ghost
    Don’t ask me what order they’re rated as there’s a ‘next level’ ranking order still yet to be decided. 
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    Love2lift31 reacted to Sasnak in Intexpharma?   
    Definitely well dosed. I got fed up with the pip and sacked it off. Pip isn’t something I’m usually troubled by. I’d avoid. If you do run it just buy the one vial for starters 
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    Love2lift31 reacted to Clubber Lang in Sphinx   
    personally i think Sphinx have gone tits up.
    heard for a good source Spx have or are packing up.
    would explain all the negative feedback ive heard about meds lacking punch. Probably stretching raws and cashing in.
    shame as they were a decent lab in the past.
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    Love2lift31 got a reaction from Frandeman in Sphinx   
    Mate grow the f**k up will you your getting boring now ....ive heard sphinx has gone downhill this is why im asking! 
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    Love2lift31 got a reaction from Caveman187 in Test e   
    Its spot on
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    Love2lift31 got a reaction from C T in EVO   
    Who are u ya absolute parcel 
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    Love2lift31 reacted to stuey99 in Rohm orals   
    For most, a decent diet will hold less water mate
    Most guys who blow up on dbol or oxys can fix it by cleaning up their diet
    For me, oxys kick in 7-10 days
    Dbol around the 2 week mark 
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    Love2lift31 reacted to G-man99 in Aspirated white goo from quad and injected anyway   
    White goo sounds like an infection. 
    Injecting in to it sounds like absolute stupidity 
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    Love2lift31 got a reaction from C T in EVO   
    Who are u ya absolute parcel 
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    Love2lift31 reacted to stuey99 in Injecting into a Blood vessel   
    I've used steroids for over a decade mate and not aspirated once
    You'll be fine 
    No idea what makes you think any of this could mean you have a blood clot...even after reading your post 3 times? You stuck an inch of metal into your body mate...there'll be a bit of blood from time to time
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    Love2lift31 reacted to Simon90 in What is "tren sides"?   
    That’s your ribs sticking out cos your a skinny c**t
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    Love2lift31 reacted to stuey99 in What is "tren sides"?   
    I honestly don't know what to say to this 
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    Love2lift31 got a reaction from Drew1975 in Curious   
    Im letting people know how i am getting on you cheeky little pr**k who u talking to 
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    Love2lift31 reacted to Bensif in Curious   
    There is a search function, probably find your own posts. Try using it.
    And to answer your question, yes
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    Love2lift31 reacted to stuey99 in First cycle test only   
    I've tried ROHM mate yes...
    For about the 20th time
    And for about the 30th time...you don't try "the look",  you try "the gear"
    So yes, I have tried the "new look" ROHM...I've been using it on and off for a decade...THE GEAR IS THE SAME!!!!!
    Jesus mate honestly...you should change your nsme from @Love2lift31 to "Have ya tried the new look rohm" ffs 
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    Love2lift31 reacted to MrBrightside in cloudy testosterone   
    Air bubbles have settled and made your gear cloudy? f**k sake. 
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    Love2lift31 reacted to KETONES in First cycle test only   
    You couldn’t bend spaghetti!
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    Love2lift31 reacted to swole troll in Best preworkouts   
    Black coffee and 8g of cit mallate. 

    I like pre workouts to be extremely powerful and as such I use them sparingly for big lift attempts and competitions. 

    for year round usage black coffee is fine, just go for a bigger serving if you're not getting the desired effect, add a gram of alpha GPC for further focus. 
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    Love2lift31 reacted to gavzilla in Beer on cycle   
    Eee dear me. Heway lad it’s just a drink ffs. I drink 8 pints a week and I’ve still got a 6 pack and I’m 40. Enjoy yours self and get it in you. However if your going for a show then fair enough but if not then enjoy yourself. I eat half 3/4 clean during the week then I’ll enjoy a few cheat meals at the weekend with booze. Just train hard drink easy.
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    Love2lift31 reacted to Juice_head in Beer on cycle   
    Yes you will lose all of your gains, you will literally s**t your muscle out, including your natty gains. That's what we call a PPS ( post party s**t)
    On a serious note what a stupid question 
    Ronnie got smashed the night before his first Olympia win. Two beers will literally do f**k all 
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    Love2lift31 reacted to TERBO in Help advice required!   
    Have you contemplated knitting instead of steroids... the needles are far safer 
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    Love2lift31 reacted to Tricky in Help advice required!   
    How are you even typing this from the grave? 
    fcuk out of here. Your not going to die