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  1. Not seen much of this stuff and dont no much about it is it similiar to test e test cyp...
  2. Not seen much of this stuff and dont no much about it is it similiar to test e test cyp...
  3. Test heptylate

    Any differences
  4. Not seen much of this stuff and dont no much about it is it similiar to test e test cyp...
  5. just curious as we all can get abit under the weather from time to time does cold flu cause weight loss effect muscle gains ect even if its mild body aches blocked nose and so on...guessing best bet is eat and drink plenty carry on jabbin n training thoughts please...
  6. Cold / flu on cycle

    Yes totally agree mate i no somebody who became ill flu/cold said he lost alot of weight and gains but in fairness im guessing thats caused buy lack of bodily fluids you lose whilst throwing up and diaroeah ect
  7. Anybody tried this lab if so is it any good just curious thanks
  8. Sphinx

    Anybody using there stuff or used it lately it has a good rep can get sphinx or rohm cheers
  9. Sphinx

    Mate grow the f**k up will you your getting boring now ....ive heard sphinx has gone downhill this is why im asking!
  10. Anadrol

    What is everyones opinion on this compound ive been told different things such as it kicks in quicker than dbol less water better lean muscle and so on anybody able to share there experiences ive also been told strengh gains are top draw with anadrol and amazing pumps would it be kicking in after 5 days at 50mg
  11. Anadrol

    Using rohm anadrol only been on 3 days what am i to expect nothing.much yet when will size and strenth start a week onwards ...
  12. Test e

    Why would rohm make good oils and s**t orals makes no sense pal
  13. When to stop HCG before PCT?

    Behave u parcel
  14. Rohm orals

    Yes rohm is a good lab ive only ever used there injectables and im guessing there orals are just as good...anybody tried there dbol or oxy
  15. Test e

    Its spot on
  16. EVO

    Anbody come across this lab i have only ever seen there orals come in a black tub i didnt personally rate it anybody any experience with these
  17. Rohm orals

    Get help why would i need help just acting what to expect off anadrol
  18. Rohm orals

    Just got some oxy (anadrol Rohm il how much strwnfth and size is.to be expcted...
  19. Rohm orals

    Never used dbol or oxys are they both fairly fast acting do oxys hold.less water?
  20. Rohm orals

    Cant seem to talk on here without daft replys only asked about there orals ffs ps whats better dbol or oxy for bulking and strength
  21. Duration

    We all no cycles vary in length but say people run 8-16 weeks what would happen for example if you ran tesosterone at 500mg per week for example 8 months non stop im asking this as ive heard of people doing it.....would it make the tesosterone less effective also heard of people using diff compounds for this long i no a lad who rang test for 8months chucked abit of tren anavar winstrol and one rip in also but not for 8 months just test but during the 8months threw them other compounds in
  22. Duration

    Great reply mate so 8months would do any harm i mean seems alot but he has ran test from the get go adding other.compounds on the way here and there but its been mainly test
  23. Duration

    Pushing it in what respect
  24. Anybody any first hand experience with this lab ive heard very mixed reviews theres.so.many.more established tried and tested labs out there but hearing and seeing alot of this stuff
  25. EVO

    No your just a mouthy c**t and a f**got