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  1. Shape

    It was a genuine question never mind
  2. Shape

    Told u im waiting on bloods so dont come getting jumped up with me you fu**ing s**t house i asked a question now crawl back under your rock
  3. Shape

    No i mean how our arms look before cycle will they look same when come.off a cycle cos i read something about bone density etc so thought may change look of arms and legs
  4. Shape

    What have i said thats a blag i askrd if.low T can effect how the body looks after a cycle say arms and legs shape of bone ...was a genjuine question..
  5. Shape

    Is it true your body shape changes due to low test say for example came off cycle and suffer low T would it change the apperance of how your arms looked pre cycle so natty again it dosent make your legs and arms look different does it not possible ...but my experience of juice is it f**ks your libido big time! Comes back takes ages without a pct tho! So tempted to jump back on as loved how i felt! Ps can u loose weight on a diet and excerside if had low T i lost 2 and half stone in a about 4 months with diet and excerise pre cycle is that possible know after cycle
  6. Genetics

    Does steroid use effect genetics because i did a course and shaped up great strength and muscle gains and vascularity veins in arms shoulders etc but when came off juice i never pct would this affect genetics say low Test for example
  7. Genetics

    How much do genetics come into play when on cycle because i was taking 600mg a week test e and made great strength and size gains and shaped up nicely also vascular veins in shoulders arms ...clearly that is due to juice but is genetics involved or not as for injecting testosterone my natraul test levels would of shut down pretty quick at 600mg a week also im asking as i never did a pct when i came off 7 months ago would a second cycle give similiar results again high libido vascularity etc etc
  8. Curious

    Is it harder to loose weight after being on a cycle ive put some weight on during lockdown as eaten and drank s**t and havent trained also not jabbed for around 7 months and didnt pct will this effect weight loss im 13 and half stone just want to get to 12 i was 14 and half at one point before my cycle and got down to 12 in a few months
  9. Proviron

    Would this be useful to use for libido and sex whilst im waiting on blood results as was on a course and didnt pct
  10. Libido taken a hiding

    Cheers mate for the input appreciate that
  11. Libido taken a hiding

    Idiot....so 500mg test wouldnt give u that libido...haha behave mate told u waiting for bloods...remember brother more than one way to skin a cat!
  12. Libido taken a hiding

    Your a weapon relax mate your also deluded going off your post crawl.back under you rock man
  13. Libido taken a hiding

    Im waiting on bloods no need for the arsey attitude pal...ye i could inject more test but would defeat the object of bloods i need results then can get some advice cheers buddy keep calm
  14. Anyone used

    Great minds think alike
  15. Libido taken a hiding

    Yes will post bloods once i have them but 18 months is a long time.i also have a family...ive been off months i can ejaculate and get hard but erections are 50 percent what they once was also sex drive is almost non existent what can i do in the mean time im guessing if all else fails i could pct once have bloods or maybe cruise