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  1. Pharmacom test cyp

    defo should of gone for rohm rather than pharmacom
  2. Rohm (advice)

    Was on sphinx for 3 week til i misplaced the bottle lol so now on rohm test same compound test e and point of post was to see it anbody else had used rohm test e its dragged on like f**k this lads haha
  3. Rohm (advice)

    After 4 week at 2 mil a week mate...
  4. Rohm (advice)

    It is good mate strengths well up!
  5. Rohm (advice)

    Strength up jumped onto rohm anyway love it
  6. Rohm (advice)

    Thats the one bro just been and announced it on the tanoid at asda to haha
  7. Rohm (advice)

    Im not after anymore info you mad c**t lol im saying jabbed 2 mil earlier nice and smooth no pip as yet the sphinx was abit pippy like
  8. Rohm (advice)

    Ye has 2 mil of test e 300mg nice and smooth mate no pip as yet only jabbed it a few hours ago so theres time yet lol have u used there enenthate
  9. Rohm (advice)

    Thats correct pal and whats test hep?
  10. Rohm (advice)

    Ye makes total sense would u say rohm.is one of the better labs pal? I was happy with the sphinx only been on 3 weeks so be kicking anytime i have some rohm test e tho
  11. Rohm (advice)

    Buy new i mean labels haha should of made it clearer i have used 6 mil of sphinx test e but seem to have misplaced the bottle can find the c**t anywhere! I have test e rohm so i guess it makes no difference if i just carry on with the rohm....
  12. Rohm (advice)

    u used this new rohm lately ye
  13. Rohm (advice)

    Just wondered if anyone has tried the new rohm thats all bud
  14. Rohm (advice)

    When have u used.it and was.it pip free supposed to be s**t hot stuff why have the changed the look do you no apparantly this is a southern lab
  15. Rohm (advice)

    Mate i no ive got test e! I ment in regards to this lab as heard good things and apparantly this is the new design