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  1. Any info

    I no hcg needa taking fairly soon after last jab isit different where tamoxifen is concerned could it be used say 6 weeks down the line after last jab
  2. Need some advice please people

    Im not a trolling though...f**ked up this forum wow
  3. Need some advice please people

    Ok then keyboard warrior!
  4. Need some advice please people

    Ye appreciate what your saying but dont some people never recover again after being on juice id rather get some.tamoxifen and be on the safe side
  5. Need some advice please people

    I didnt ignore it mate and your advice is much appreciated my source only has armidex and hcg i would of prefered tamoxifen message me
  6. Need some advice please people

    Im strugglin to source nolva at the minute mate cant seem to get hold of any guess your managing ok?
  7. Need some advice please people

    Ye i lost alot of size right towards end of my cycle i ended up having a few beers and lines and training went out the window due to closure of gyms i made good progress on juice and didnt drink or touch coke for months on end but reason im more intrested in pct is regarding getting test levels up and running again now im off i can always make gains again il start training natraully once gyms re open and may do a course later in year maybe
  8. Armidex

    Ye so f**k the armidex off and go with tamoxifen? I had last jab 4 weeks ago i cant get the tamoxifen til next week so will be five weeks since last test e jab so what do you suggest jump straight on the tamoxifen when i get it? I have hcg also but get that next week should i jump on that to or is it to late 5 weeks after comming off
  9. Need some advice please people

    I agree mate i should of planned better to be fair pal ive read that but still dosent answer my question fully because i have hcg and armidex should i just start the hcg and armidex or just jump on tamoxifen going to start on monday which is 5 weeks since last jab
  10. Was on test e last jab was 4 weeks ago im guessing that it will out of my system now im going to do a pct i have hcg and armidex but im thinking ive left the hcg to late to be of any use? As for armidex should i just start that or would i be better on tamoxifen never ran a pct before so am a little limited in this area any help would be much appreciated
  11. Armidex

    What are peoples thoughts on this as a pct ive been told its quite effective for pct i was ment to get tamoxifen but was given this instead what are peoples opinions
  12. Armidex and hcg

    Never taken pct before but have some armidex and hcg 4 weeks sincd last jab at abit of a crossroads
  13. Armidex and hcg

    Have hcg and armidex to hand its been a month since last test e jab can hcg be be used 4 or 5 weeks after last jab...also armidex ive never used it before but been told it can stimulate test production...need some advice do i f**k the armidex off and get some nolvadex advice appreciated
  14. After cycle

    Ye but its reyt il just jump back on juice and trajn when gym re opens haha
  15. After cycle

    Training was spot on pal looked mint! I drank all decemember getting on benders drinking taking coke not training u sesh for a month it just drains all the size out of u simple