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  1. Every 5 days meaning?

    A man of riddles, love ittttt
  2. Every 5 days meaning?

    You have wayyyyy too much time bro, wow
  3. Every 5 days meaning?

    And, we’re still yet to succeed. I’m only up to knowing Monday Wednesday Tuesday Saturday.... still it sure what comes next
  4. Every 5 days meaning?

    Lovely, have a good evening, appreciate all the help pal
  5. Every 5 days meaning?

    You’ve got too much time on your hands bro. It’s not that deep
  6. Every 5 days meaning?

    I wheelie hope you can forgive me.
  7. Every 5 days meaning?

    MrHilarious cracking jokes too, love it
  8. Every 5 days meaning?

    I’ve noticed haha. Appreciate the breakdown, totally understand it now. I just didn’t know if that jabbed day was considered day 1. The only stupid question is the one you don’t ask, or on this forum, the one you don’t know the answer to.
  9. Every 5 days meaning?

    Someone get this guy a contract for some stand up, please. He’s fu**ing insane, really funny guy... ROFL. Can’t contain myself.
  10. Every 5 days meaning?

    Anyway, thanks for helping me understand something I didn’t know.
  11. Every 5 days meaning?

    In normal circumstances, obviously I’m not that stupid. In this regard, in the world of ‘medicinal’ practices, I didn’t understand the concept as to what E5D meant, it’s not that deep.
  12. Every 5 days meaning?

    It’s not exactly clear cut though. It’s quite easy to misconstrue the meaning of E5D. For example, I didn’t know if the injection day was included in the 5 days. It’s not that hard to overlook something. I’ve seen conflicting things online where people are counting the injecting day as day 1, and not day 0. You all act like you’ve never asked a question that’s perceived as stupid by someone who knows the answer.
  13. Every 5 days meaning?

    Mine is DAZ, his is DAN... I guess even you make mistakes mate, won’t rip you apart for not being able to read though.
  14. Every 5 days meaning?

    I wasn’t referring to myself. If he’s a c**t to me, he’s probably a c**t to most.
  15. Every 5 days meaning?

    I understand now, thank you.