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  1. Easy money yesterday. Havertz to get two or more shots on target. Easiest £26 I've ever won.
  2. Seriously hench woman

    5th one in reminds me of Linsey Dawn Mckenzie.
  3. 40 dead from Covid in UK yesterday.

    So, how long before we're in another March style lockdown? With gyms closing and what not. I'm dreading it. Been picking up bits of exorcise equipment here and there, in preparation.
  4. Seriously hench woman

    There's a bodybuilding escort called Roxxy Summer. Absolute filth.
  5. Best chat up lines you ever used!

    I usually just put my hand on their hand, look into their eyes and gently say....rape can be romantic.
  6. Decent priced dumbells?

    How much would you pay for two 20kg dumbells? I don't really want to spend more than £70.
  7. 40 dead from Covid in UK yesterday.

    What pissed me off, were the people running to Facebook straight after, just to let everyone knows what they just did. The look at me/Like me brigade.
  8. Decent priced dumbells?

    Cheers Sir! Will install that now.
  9. Looking to get two dumbbells, between 20kg-25kg each (Give me a break, I'm an ex fatty, and nowhere near as strong as you lot) Was lucky enough to bag a pretty decent adjustable bench off Marketplace, £25 bargain. Worrying though, in case we go into another lock down, and prices go silly. Amazon is crap for weights, full of girly pink ones.
  10. Fed up

    I've been to the gym both yesterday and today, neither time I was asked to use this app. So far so good.
  11. Fed up

    I hear you Sir! As selfish as it sounds, it's a big concert for us lifters. Still debating whether to try get a bench off Marketplace.
  12. Mike tyson

    I love the look on the reporters face, right at the end when Mike delivers one more f**k you
  13. What are new rules

    Imagine joining the army thinking it’s going to be all machine guns and camouflage in the desert, only to end up having to disband an 8 person barbecue in Tunbridge Wells.
  14. Don't panic, don't panic, don't panic

    A lot of people think we'll be in another full lock down within two weeks. Bit worrying isn't it? Can see my workplace shutting down by Christmas if so.
  15. Don't panic, don't panic, don't panic

    My cousin has been keeping on to me about growing food, since the whole Lockdown started.