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  1. Facebook Hacked

    Ah yes, this lot here. They call themselves the Wylde Boys.
  2. Night clubs in the 80's

    Clubbing in the mid 2000's was rubbish. Couldn't think of anything worse now. Much rather have an ale and a chat in a decent pub. Always nice to go to the pub and watch footie as well.
  3. Nope, I'm a frigging mess at the moment. However I had a bloody good week last week, so I'm back to strict-ish eating again. Once I know a date for the gym reopening, that'll kick me up the arse even more. Nobody wants to go back to the gym feeling like crap.
  4. Wonder Woman 1984

    Yes, I've heard nothing but negative things about it. Roll on October when Bond comes out.
  5. Just found this of me in the 80's

    Guy on the right, wasn't he the singer in Talk Talk?
  6. McGregor

    What time is his fight chaps? EDIT--- 5 am! Sod that, bad enough getting up at that time Monday-Friday.
  7. Buy my frigging cooook booook!!!!!
  8. It doesn't get much lower than that, does it? Absolute scum bags.
  9. Crumpet? Cor not heard that one in years mate! My dad still says that!
  10. I absolutely frigging love naff films!
  11. This blows them out the water! See if you can spot mush from Boyzone as well.
  12. National Lockdown

    Ah yeah I know what you mean! The usual suspects in our warehouse have been milking it. One lad is on his second spell of isolating, reckons they lost his test results n' all
  13. National Lockdown

    Just curious Mickey, do you have your employees wear masks when they are at the depot/delivering goods? We've had to start wearing them at work now. Not as bad as I thought they'd be. Don't think I could stick it in the summer though.