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  1. Is this a good workout program?

    Novice?! I put 3 inches on my arms since I started working out last year. And I don't need you to explain push pull legs for me. I'm just trying to find that sweet spot where I can train for strength and hypertrophy efficiently at the same time.
  2. Is this a good workout program?

    Okay, my Goal is to build muscles and get stronger. I'd been working out with a trainer for first 6 months, but I stopped. I didn't like the way they were training. (Big muscle with a small muscle) And I wanted to experiment with other ways of training, like full body workout, push pull leg, and now I'm doing upper and lower. I've been working out alone for 6 months now, So I've been lifting for a year.
  3. Is this a good workout program?

    So how do you guys train? Do you have a trainer, or do you just pick exercises that suit your needs and do them, or how? Again just asking, not arguing! I personally have been working out alone for 6 months and I'm getting better.
  4. Is this a good workout program?

    I'm not here to argue. And instead of that attitude, how about some help and suggestions??!!
  5. Is this a good workout program?

    There are programs like the stronglift 5x5 where people do 3 exercises on the same day. Like squat, bench press and barbell rows.
  6. Upper Strength 5x5 Bench press Barbell rows Military press Weighted chin-ups Lower strength 5x5 Squat Deadlift Leg press Calf raises 15 - 20 reps 4 sets Upper Hypertrophy 6-12 reps 3 to 4 sets Bench press superset with cable rows Chin-ups Dips Bent over shoulder raises Incline dumbbell curls Tricep pushdown Farmer's walk Lower Hypertrophy 6-12 reps 3 to 4 sets Squat Deadlift Leg press Leg curl Lunges Smith machine calf raises
  7. Hello, good people I just signed up and this is my first post. I was looking for answers to my question and I hope you could help. After all, this is the reason why forums exist. Anyway, I was looking at those popular splits and I'm baffled by something. Why do legs require more exercises? For example, in an upper and lower split or a Push pull legs split, you see that legs take at least like 7 exercises, while an upper day or a Push day, chest only gets 3 or sometimes only 2 exercises. Isn't that going to cause muscle imbalances or something?